A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 5

Back in late September, I posted the first part of a significant trade I made with Bill, then in April I got back on track and showed off part 2.  May saw part 3, and June gave us part 4.  A month later and we have part 5.  As a quick refresher, he responded to some of my Gypsy Queen trade bait posts and we worked out a nice, large exchange – mostly for my budding 2016 WS champ players.  Far too many cards for one, or even a few posts.  I think there will be two more after this, but don’t hold me to that.  As mentioned before, he doesn’t have a blog of his own, but he’s known as minibbcards on the Trading Card Database and his want lists are fantastic (and found here).

This time around, we’ll be looking at Opening Day and a couple other random cards to pad things out.

Can’t hide your chin forever

We’re a long way from Opening Day now.  I used to really like these cards, but things have changed over the past couple years.

A rare Hector Rondon sighting!

In the past, Opening Day would play around with the design a bit and give us a different color scheme or foil color.

Stray hair is my addition, not Topps’

They would also generally be foil-less in some cases.  They still are, but regular Topps has become foil-less as well, so it’s not a differentiation anymore.

The uncommon Rookie Cup and RC logo combo

Now, it’s just a stamp on the regular card.  That takes a lot of the wind out of it’s sails.

The common RC logo only

They could have done something with the smoke effect – make it a unique color.  Or added foil or texture or something.

Skip to my lou

I’m generally a fan of budget releases.  I haven’t seen any Big League in person yet, but I like what I’ve seen online so far.  I liked Bunt as well.

Bringing back the Future Stars label

Now, it would be better to see Opening Day replaced with another budget product if it’s just going to be a simple logo.

He finished with 446 regular season starts in his career

See, the insert isn’t bad.  The picture isn’t great and it would look better with shine, but it’s still unique to the set and I like the colors.

No, Thanos!  Not Bryzzo!

This is not an Opening Day card.  It’s also a strange photo choice.  Nevermind the digital garbage.  Rizzo should be on the right and Bryant on the left so they could actually be, you know, back to back.

Heyward’s in the Animus

Lastly is another insert or a card shop giveaway thing that I didn’t follow very closely.  That’s why trades are so great.  Others fill in the collecting gaps by getting stuff you would never think to get yourself.

2 comments to A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 5

  • minibbcards

    I guess I should look through your trade bait to set up another trade before the 1 year anniversary of this one! Probably have more Cubs you need including a bunch of vintage I picked up recently. minibbcards

    • Jon

      Please do take a look! I’m sorry it’s taking almost a year to get all of these up, but I appreciate you coming back. I’m not much of a vintage guy, but I really wouldn’t need much in return for whatever you might have. My goal is to send more than I take in.

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