Put It All On Black Backgrounds

I’m still working on my next color coded post.  I just need to format a couple more orange parallels and then write stuff about each one.  It’s going to take more time that it sounds, and so today, we’re going to look into the void.

Join me on a journey into the emptiness that represents my soul.  Everything and nothing all in one.  A black hole of a parallel that sucks in people’s money.  In return, it only provides the stark, harsh reality that a simple color swap is all some people need to feel those fleeting seconds of happiness.

Welcome to Ginter X

Portrait day at school

Last year I took part in a group case break of X with Brent and Becca. I already showed off what I got in this post, but since then I’ve had more of an itch to finish up more of my X needs.  Despite my emo opening, I do actually like the look of these. I miss the color splashes, but otherwise, it works well enough.

Someone’s not awake for his photo

I got most of what you’ll see here on COMC.  I figured that buying them would be the best way to go instead of hoping to trade for them.

Looks like it was taken 80 years ago

As you probably know, these were online exclusive boxes, and I don’t know many people that have bought those boxes, and certainly not anyone that would have been sitting on cards I need for years.

Thankfully there are no mini parallels

The biggest obstacle are the minis.  These have a lower print run than most of us would expect, however the people that have done the math tell me that they are still within my range of 50 or more copies.

Well, none that I need to collect that is

I got a good chunk of the 2017 minis out of the way, including a Lester SP, which may only have 50-100 copies, but I needed ones for players on other teams like Fowler.

MVP runner-up to be

Now, normally I don’t pay a whole lot for non-numbered stuff, nor do I seek them out for online purchases, but this was a special occasion and so I went a little over my per card average for these minis in some cases.

Past MVP and maybe future if he is healthy

Bryant was the big omission from the case break. Yup, a whole case and no Bryant at all.  Luckily, I grabbed one for a decent enough price.  I’m still missing a ton of minis from other years because the cost is more than I’m willing to pony up for now.

2X MVP. I’m glad the background doesn’t blend in with the uniform or bat

I’m also probably holding out for Thomas and Maddux X cards.  HOF players command a bit of a premium, so I’m hoping I might find a new source later at a card show or something.

Non-MVP. This has been a fun rainbow

Of course the precursor to Ginter X was the Wal-Mart black parallels from several years before.  This is one of my later additions to the Marmol collection that helped me get over the 75% mark.  I doubt I’m at 75% of Ginter X cards, but this will get me quite a bit closer, and I’ll be looking for another sale sometime in the future.

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  • sanjosefuji

    As soon as I read the title, ACDC popped into my head. Probably gonna be hearing Back in Black in the back of my mind throughout the day… which isn’t such a bad thing.

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