A Hot Dog Of A Trade – Part 1 of 2

Time to check in with a name that should be familiar to recent frequent readers of the blog.  Bill, known as minibbcards on the Trading Card Database (his want list is found here) sent me a huge stack of cards earlier in my World Series Cubs pursuit, and I was able to turn that into 8 separate posts over the course of a year (because I’m slow).

Well, before I could even finish showing that last trade, we worked out another deal.  I was able to send a decent stack of minis over to him, and he found some nice new additions to virtually all of my collecting interests in return.  It won’t take eight posts this time, but that’s because I’m going to do things a little differently as you’ll quickly notice.

Every Bulldog is Chauncey to me and my wife

I’m starting with an insert set I’ve been wanting for a while, the 2012 A&G Man’s Best Friend minis.  Thanks to Bill, I’m now down to needing only 4 more from the set.  I hope some day a card company will produce cards of more unusual dog breeds. I’d love to see a Catalan Sheepdog to represent my boy Hooza.

Horizontal action shots seem anti-Ginter

Those weren’t the only Ginter cards in the package.  Here’s a nice assortment of years past.  I think this is actually the first 2014 A&G card posted on the blog, if you can believe it. Also, pretty cool to get new Rondon cards.

Only one wrong team

The dogs weren’t the last of the minis I got either.  Here are some regular back Ginters and Gypsy Queens.  I’m in the minority, but I’m glad there aren’t minis in GQ anymore. Too many parallels in the hobby already.

Shrunk this one a little bit

How about some more Queens? I think this is also the first 2014 GQ card to appear on the blog.  Both from Zobrist.  I didn’t buy a lot in 2014, since all the players I collected at the time were out of the new stuff for the most part.

Players from 4 different teams would eventually converge

This was a nice surprise as well.  Four of the rack pack white framed cards.  Or maybe from blasters.  Something retail only, for sure.  With Javy’s breakout season, it’s a bit of a shock to get anything from his rookie year.

Love the dugout shots

Soler rookie cards are less of a shock.  His stock has plummeted, as most rookies do, but I do hope he comes back to form and injury free next season.  Heyward was on his way to regaining his stride.  With the new Cubs hitting coach, perhaps the transformation will be complete.

A lot of green

We’ll end things with two individual scans.  That’s what the second part will be as well.  I’ve shown this card before, but that wasn’t the gold foil version.  I wanted to keep the parallel separate from the two base above.

Still missing a Zobrist auto

Lastly for today is a card from last year’s Archives.  I was in a group break for this year, but it was small and evidently I was still missing the Zobrist.  Not anymore!

Thanks a lot again to Bill. I’ll finish up the second half of the trade on the next installment. There’s still a nice variety of things to show off, but I’ll do it quicker this time.

3 comments to A Hot Dog Of A Trade – Part 1 of 2

  • sanjosefuji

    That A&G Man’s Best Friends set is awesome. Wish they made a Bernese Mountain Dog card for that set.

    • Jon

      That would be great. I would love to see more dog breeds in cards generally. It was really disappointing when they dropped the dog insert from Big League. The odds that a Catalan Sheepdog would be included are very low – unless it’s a card of Einstein from Back to the Future. You might have a chance, but it looks like the Bernese wasn’t in the recent goodwin patch set either. Edit: There is a Burnese in the set. I just made a typo when searching.

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