Cubs Haul from a Bowman Chrome Group Break

I recently took part in a Bowman Chrome Group Break over at Carl Crawford Cards.  I actually didn’t mean to sign up for this break, I was trying to join in a previous one, but it was all full up.  Long story short, I was given dibs on the Cubs for this.  While I didn’t get the Stephen Strasburg Gold Refractor Auto #’d to 50 (no, really!), I did get a decent sized stack of cards for 5 boxes worth.

Let’s look at the haul.

Only one good contract in the bunch

This is it for the non-prospects.  Getting the Colvin is nice, and it feels like it’s a prospect card since we still don’t fully know what to make of him.  Expect the corner of his card to say 1B next year if we don’t land Berkman or Pena through free agency or Chris Davis in a trade.

Bowman, to me, is a higher end product.  This is of course because the hot prospects inflate the prices far beyond what they actually are.  Considering that, the design kinda blows.  I wouldn’t mind seeing this on a nice 99 cent/pack product, but if I’m dropping 4-5 bones on a 4 card pack, I’d like something more thoughtful than a red pinstripe border.

Equally bad design. Worse players.

I have heard of two of these guys.  I think that’s a testament to my dedication to the minor league system.  I’m slowly picking things up as I go along.  I know the Cubs are higher on Chirinos as a catching backup than they are on Wellington Castillo.  I heard that’s due to Castillo’s bad calling of a game when he was brought up.  Seems unfair to me if that’s true.  Let the kid make some mistakes. Don’t play Koyie Hill when the season is lost to spite the young guy.

I also know Chris Archer was our Minor League Pitcher of the Year.  Which makes this next card that much sweeter.

Numbered to 500, which is a little surprising

The prospect refractors are numbered, evidently, while the regular veterans are not.  Just one more reason Bowman/Chrome/DPP is the most unnecessarily confusing product ever created.  And that includes Moments & Milestones!

Archer was part of the deal that sent Mark DeRosa over to the Indians.  So far, it’s looking like a decent trade, since DeRo dropped off considerably after that.  Here’s hoping this kid keeps up the pace.  He may get called up mid-season if he appears to be ready.  Just don’t rush him.  The Cubs always rush their people.

Warming up in the bullpen or photoshopped?

This is the best card in the bunch by far.  Of course, I’m biased being a Dempster collector.  I’ll take a Blue Refractor of any product any day.  I’m glad I don’t have to hunt on ebay for this.  I’d have to say this is the lowest numbered Dempster card I’ve ever pulled from a pack (even if it was by proxy).  Very very cool, blue, shiny stuff.  If anyone has any of the other Dempster Chrome (or regular Bowman) rainbow pieces, I’d be happy to take them off your hands.

Thanks again to Carl Crawford Cards for hosting the break.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

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