Breaking News: Topps MLB Sticker Album is Live!

I was in Target tonight looking for some stuff.  At the checkout aisle, I peeked over the counter hoping to see some NBA stickers, since I still need a boat-ton of those things, and instead I saw this.

If you stick it, they will come

Yeah, buddy!  I was really excited about the NBA stickers and I don’t even collect NBA cards anymore.  Imagine how excited I am for the MLB stickers finally existing once again.

Who else is going to be collecting this set?  I know I’ll be sticking things in these pages.

Wanna see what they look like?  Well, here’s the pack, which was in a box to the side of the album holder.

This is probably 2X actual size

These stickers are tiny.  I’d say about half the size of the Panini stickers that you may be used to.  I like the foil pack wrapper, though.  And that there are 8 stickers in there for $1.  If it was less, I’d feel ripped off.

Not the greatest start

My first sticker was:  Eric Hosmer.  I love this trio, not because of the players, but they’re both facing Mora and ready to kill. Very nice symmetry.  Ortiz wins the game face battle.


Now we're talking!

Stickers 4-6 were kind to me.  A Cy Young Winner and a foil sticker of Jackie.  I don’t know if any non-legends will be foil yet, but it’s looking like that’s a no.  There also only appear to be 9 legends on the last page, although I haven’t flipped through every single page yet.



Two A’s in 8 stickers.  Not sure how I feel about that. I guess it’s good to get them out of the way early.  The stock is pretty thick. Not sure if the sticker will be sturdy or if that’s just the backing.  I’m going to scan every blank page before I stick any.

1 pack down, 9 more to open!  No Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood, or Carlos Marmol on the Cubs page, though.  That’s pretty disappointing considering Blake freakin’ DeWitt gets a sticker.  This is late enough in the season that they could have at least put Darwin Barney in there instead of the 2nd string 2nd baseman.


11 comments to Breaking News: Topps MLB Sticker Album is Live!

  • I’m not sure how dedicated I am going to be with these. I’ll definitely give it a try and see what happens. Cheap is always good. I need to watch the money spending so this might be the quick/cheap fix that I will surely need. Thanks for posting these. Now I know more of what I’m dealing with.

  • Topps sticker books are what got me into cards in the first place. I am thrilled to see these again, although I haven’t bought a single one in 20+ years. In that respect I am hesitant because I don’t want the reality of stickers to mess with the fun memory of how great they were. It’s a conundrum, but I will probably try to get a book filled anyway.

  • Gary

    Is the book set up the way it used to be in the ’80s, with each team having a page dedicated to them? I’m assuming I’m the only person in the world who cares about the answer to this question.

  • Jon

    @Gary – Yes, unfortunately only 1 page (9 stickers) per team. I was hoping for 2 per team. maybe next year.

  • John Bateman

    Is that the first topps photo of Hosmer in a Royals uniform – he was not in Lineage or Platinum-

    Also why 309? I don’t get it.

    • Jon

      I’m not really familiar with Hosmer, but after doing a tiny bit of research, I think you may be right. Odd that there’s no RC logo. I guess the rule doesn’t apply to stickers.

      309 turns out to be 9 per team X 30 teams = 270 + 9 legends + 30 team logo stickers. I do hope next year the set is larger or includes some different sections like all-stars or league leaders (with foil or cloth) as well.

      • As the resident Royals fan, this is indeed the first Hosmer Topps issue. He may have had an eTopps, but I’m not bored enough to look into that. Supposedly, he’ll be in 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft or something.

  • Now I have some stickers to buy when I pick up a few packs of Tinkerbell or Disney Princess stickers for my little girl! I just hope she understands that the baseball stickers are for daddy!

  • How did I miss this? I love stickers!

  • […] autos, Andy would be collecting them.  I didn’t know who Eric Hosmer was when I opened my first pack of these stickers.  In fact, I captioned the picture “Not the greatest start.”  With no RC logo, I […]

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