No Such Thing As A Card Trade Off-Season

The last time I showed off any cards from Kerry/Madding at Cards on Cards, it was shortly after the in-season trade deadline.  Now, due to giving other people their turns and my October issues, we sit after the post-season has ended.  The Boston Red Sox were the best team all season and they wound up with the title to cap it off.

Now, sure I may be a week or so late (hey, not like I’m a fan of the team), but I knew that I had plenty of Red Sox cards I can put up on the blog as a mini congratulations.  To tie it in with one of the very generous, very frequent trade packages from Kerry is just a bonus.  I really need to up my game on showing the rest of his stuff, but my mailbox has been a hot stove the past couple weeks and there are a bunch of new trades that will get some due as well.  Trades don’t take the off-season off, so it’s my job to keep up with all the action.

This design needs more space/universe elements to go with those rings

I’m not great with identifying photoshopped cards like Kerry, but having this side by side with the next card shows me that they went a little crazy with the photo filters and really boosted the colors here.

Maybe the Cubs 2019 Opening Day starter

See how more realistic this looks? This era of Red Sox uniforms look fake. I can’t imagine this is photoshopped in any way, but the letters look painted on to that deep red.

5, 6, 7, 9, 10

Here’s some more Opening Day where the foil was replaced with gray.  Fun?  This time around I don’t see any major differences in the photo quality.

Lester has an extra elbow coming out of his stomach

Judge for yourself.  What I do know is that the green light under the “H” is very distracting and it’s all I can ever see on this picture.

Bland WS logo

This is a good card, because it not only is one that I needed, but also is about how the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in St. Louis.  Lester went 7.2 innings and gave up 1 run in the win.  He also struck out 7.

Reminds me that I don’t have a Lester auto yet

Taking a step back a couple years to look at one of the Archives cards from that first year of the latest reboot.  I’m surprised it’s stuck around as long as it has.


Bowman Platinum is also a strange one for me.  It seems like no one cares about it at all, but yet box prices are sky high and it is still being released in some way.

This is a better uniform

Regular Bowman, sure. I understand that.  They’re a little boring at times, but I think the designs have been a little better the past few years.

That throwing arm looks green screened

There have been a few fun inserts and parallels in this care package.  I haven’t dealt with the retail side of chrome all that much so I’m happy to scrounge those leftovers.  This will also act as a little reminder for myself to get on with that rainbow series I started in August.  Orange is up next.

Thanks again Kerry. I’m almost done with this trade from over a year ago.  Only a few more packages of yours after that!

2 comments to No Such Thing As A Card Trade Off-Season

  • I miss Jon Lester on the Red Sox. His no-hitter shortly after coming back from cancer was one of the best stories in baseball.

    • Jon

      I can’t say I miss him on the Red Sox, but I love that he’s so quietly good, doesn’t take anything for granted and really seems to respect and relish every opportunity. That no-hitter is a perfect example of that. By the way, your trade package is in the queue…I’m just stupidly behind…

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