I know I’ve been questioning whether or not to continue the blog, but I can unquestioningly say that I’ve been extremely lucky with the bloggers and readers I’ve “met.” It’s a great community, and I highly recommend it to people that have the time. I’m very sorry that I haven’t for a while.

Nick M […]

Not Quite Westminster

We’re only a week or two removed from the biggest dog show of the year. Banana Joe the Affenpinscher took away Best in Show. Now he gets to make the rounds in the media and across the country to various other smaller dog shows.

Sort of like the one that’s happening in Chicago this weekend. […]

The For Sale List – 2011 Topps Lineage Edition

Our Lineage Group Break went off without a hitch a couple weeks ago. All of the cards for claimed teams were packaged up the same night and shipped next day. A couple people have even posted their hauls on their blogs, which is great to see.

Now, it’s time to show what’s left over. We […]

Anyone Interested in a Topps Lineage Group Case Break?

This is sort of last minute, but we’re just putting a feeler out there.

2011 Topps Lineage comes out on 8/3 and we are on the fence about ordering some. Currently we think the best way to handle it, if we are able to get a case, is to hold a group break for the […]