A Warming Trade for an Annoying Cold

These past couple of days, I’ve been sick with a fun little cold, or flu (never really sure which). My wife had a friend visit us and I had to tuck away and isolate myself to avoid infecting either of them. That also meant I couldn’t join on the fun stuff they had planned. I […]

I’m In The Club

Isn’t it nice to be part of something special?

Madding from Cards on Cards started a basketball club several months ago. The idea was that some of us primarily baseball collectors could have an outlet to receive some secondary basketball cards. He gets to dump his other teams from the new stuff he buys, and […]

A Pair of 10s

I’m not a poker player.

Sure, I’ve played poker. I think everyone that went to college in the early 2000s played poker. Poker was everywhere in our society. ESPN made it a “sport” (which it’s not). Celebrities would play it on television and people actually watched. The residual effects are still being seen with Annie […]

I Think You Know What You’re About To Read By Now

With all this talk of trade posts, I haven’t even touched on anything that’s happening in baseball these days. How about them playoffs? Game 162 was one of the most exciting nights of baseball I remember seeing (from afar). All I could do is follow on Yahoo and then catch the headlines later. But if […]

Something Wicked (Ortega) This Way Comes

I’m sure I’m not the first to use that headline, but so what?

Way back in the long, long ago Wicked Ortega over at My Past Time…….I Love It!! posted a little something about giving away free basketball cards. Being the opportunistic chap that I am, I put in my hat for any Bulls cards […]

My First Trade (Through the Blogs)

It was bound to happen eventually, but I made my first trade through the blog (TTB) recently. Play at the Plate stepped up to the, well…um..plate, and we exchanged a boatload of Ginters.

He had seen our trade show loot, inquired about the minis and I sent off virtually all I had in return for […]