My Dad is Awesome!

The last time I went home to visit my parents, my dad surprised me with a little treat.  You see, my parents are both antique dealers now that they’re retired and they frequent all kinds of stores and flea markets.  I used to go with them as a child, but always against my will.  Every once in a while, I would find something that would interest my young and allegedly growing mind, but mostly it was a complete bore looking at rusty old metal things and stupid old wood things and smelly old fabric things.  Smelly old people, too if you want be honest about it.

If I still lived out there, I’d probably go along more frequently, because my guess is they’re passing up all kinds of good deals.  But I’m still happy with what I got.


In total I got 5 packs of 1990 Score and 4 packs of 1991 Series 1 Score Baseball.  He said they were 25 cents each, so why not.

My parents have always been supportive not only of me, but my hobbies.  If I’m into collecting something, they help me out.  When I got into film, my dad scoured his collection and his old teaching supplies to give me equipment and resources.  They’re always cutting out articles related to whatever I do.  On more than one occasion when I was sick, my dad would come home with fresh packs of cards to cheer me up.

And even though I’m edging dangerously close to 30 years old, he still does these things for my grown ass.  You have to love a guy like that.

I’ll be opening the best pack of the lot over on APTBNL.  I think it’s possibly the best pack of 1990 Score that anyone could possibly open.  If that doesn’t sell you, nothing will.

Anyway, even though he doesn’t read the blog, thanks dad!  Happy father’s day!

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