Community Break Full Length Box Break Videos

The time has come…sort of.  The time has come for the youtube box breaks.  I will basically be out of commission from Thursday on through Labor Day, so it’s really now or never.  The time for write-ups about each product and showing off some of the goods in static picture format will unfortunately have to come later.

If you don’t know what I’m yammering on about, I started up a Group Break (dubbed the “Community Break”) a couple weeks back.  I opened 6 boxes of 5 products, which you will soon see.  Only a couple people signed up for teams, but that’s alright.  The rest will be available for trade, or if you really want, I can sell you all the team cards (but I’d most likely charge a higher rate, otherwise it wouldn’t be very fair to the people who bought in blindly).  Feel free to inquire about whatever teams and/or players you want and I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly.

What teams were taken?  Glad you asked.

Red Sox – Peterson
Orioles – Peterson
Indians – Hank
Mets – Hank
Phillies – Arfmax
Cubs – Jon
Maddux cards from Braves/Padres – Jon

What did we all get?  Well, if you’re patient enough to watch the videos, you can find out now.  If you want to wait for the pictures of the hits/inserts (not so much all the base), then unfortunately that will have to be done starting next week due to my schedule.

All the cards will be shipped out next week to everyone who joined me on this adventure.

Okay, enough talk, let’s show some cards.  Oh, one more thing, I had to do this on my home webcam, which isn’t all that good, so the video quality isn’t nearly as solid as I would like, but hopefully it’s clear enough for you to see/hear.

And there you have it. Are your eyes bleeding yet? Are you awake? Are you super excited?

3 comments to Community Break Full Length Box Break Videos

  • Play at the Plate

    My eyes aren’t bleeding…and I am SuperCited! I didn’t watch all the Topps Total though.

  • AJ

    Man, I really missed out on this! I’ve been looking at getting into my first box/group break and this would have been real nice!

    I went ahead and emailed you Jon about a possible trade or purchase.

  • Jon

    PATP – I don’t blame you for skipping the Topps Total. Nearly an hour of pack ripping flew by as it was happening, but watching it is a whole ‘nother story. If you have any Ranger needs, let me know.

    AJ – no worries. If trade response is good enough, I’ll probably do something similar at some point. Emailing you back now.

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