Post On Contest Winning On Cards On Cards. On.

Hey guys! Remember college football? It’s a game played by young men just for fun since they’re not professionals and don’t get paid for it or anything. It must be awesome because tons of people know lots of stuff about all the teams, even if they have no affiliation with the school. Well, let me tell you one thing about me: I don’t know the first thing about college football. No, I take that back, I know that Ohio State is usually pretty good. And I only know that because my girlfriend is from Columbus.

Luckily, that didn’t stop me from entering the always-awesome (albeit unfortunately-St. Louis-affiliated) Cards On Cards College Bowl Pick ‘Em contest. Of course, I wouldn’t be posting something about this (literally 5 months after the contest… sheesh time flies) if I didn’t have something to show for my efforts. And, in fact, I have a little more than a little to show for my “dartboard” entry. I got second place! And, in accordance with the rules of this particular contest, that means I get some junk wax plus a 660ct box of Cubs cards:

Yes, that's a Sosa RC showing!

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but in that box there are Cubs cards of all types from the early ’80s on up to some very recent Topps Chrome. It’s incredible. I went through and pulled all the stuff Jon and I need for our collections and there are still almost 600 cards left! And that’s before I break open those 1989 Topps packs and add the Mike Harkey Future Stars to the pile! If anyone is going nuts on Cubs cards (I’m looking at you Wrigley Wax), make sure to post a link to your want list so I can see what I can send you from the box. Spread the love and all that!

As stoked as I was to be handed a metric asston of cards, there was a wee bonus attached to this gift. And, let me tell you, this love will not be spread anywhere except in my room apartment:

Insert Dunston Checks In joke here.

That’s number 12 making one of his classic diving catches. Mr. Shawon Dunston, ladies and gentlemen. All Jerome Walton can do is look on in awe. You can’t see it because the coin is cropped, but he’s doing a really respectful slow clap.

All I can say is thanks to Kerry of Cards On Cards for running a contest that requires no real skill to get second place in. I don’t stand a chance at the other kinds of contests. Or even really this kind, as I’ve proven by losing the March Radness III contest a couple months back in glorious fashion. And I’m glad to have someone to dump some Cardinals off on one of these days. Santo knows they have no place in my home… especially now that Shawon is watching over my collection.

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