The Sporting Event of the Year

You’ve waited.

And waited.

And even waited some more.  Tomorrow night, you will have to wait no longer.

The 2011 Scripps National Spelling Bee starts at 8:30/7:30CST on ESPN.

It’s an event that must not be missed each year.  And I’m inviting all of you to come watch it with me on twitter.

Follow us at @communitygum and you’ll see me live tweet the Bee in all it’s awkward pubescent glory.  I did it last year over on my comedy website’s twitter account and it was met with a resounding “who cares.”  I expect nothing but the same this time.

I contend that there is no finer “sporting” event all year.  Except perhaps the Puppy Bowl.  Will there be another Evan O’Dorney?  No. There can never be another.  That kid is my hero.  More crazy like Sealfon? Damn good shot.  A Wendy Guey perhaps?  Sure, there might be.  Another kid fainting in the middle of his turn only to wake up and finish spelling the word correctly before the time runs out!!!!!  Fuck, I hope so numbnuts!

I know I haven’t really posted much on here.  That will be changing soon enough.  I have a bunch of non-trade post topics all headlined and ready to write.  But in the meantime, come over to twitter Thursday night and watch me make fun of nerdy kids out of jealousy and rage!

2 comments to The Sporting Event of the Year

  • Play at the Plate

    I wood foloww yur twittr fede, butt that will bee write in the middel of my sleepin tim for werk. I am a gud spellur thow and I now I wood get all the wurds rite.

    Honestly, those kids freak me out with their spelling ability. Good luck and I hope this year’s tweetfest is met with a resounding “we care a little bit” attitude.

  • Hahah, that evan o’dorney interview was freakin’ awesome

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