STICKARZZ!!!!!! (for Trade)

If you’re anything like me, and there’s a small chance that you are considering you read the blog, you geek out a little bit with sticker albums.

Probably the best hobby news I’ve heard all year was that Panini was making an NBA sticker album.  Then Topps announced they’re doing an MLB album later this year! <Nostalgic swoon>  What? They’re releasing a second series of Garbage Pail Kids Flashbacks?  The snap bracelet surrounding my typically cold, lifeless heart curled up nice and tight.

Do you know how crazy I am? I scanned every empty page before I started filling the album so I can potentially show the before and after. Just potentially.

I’m not a set collector by any means, but when it comes to sticker oriented products, you best believe I’m going to collect the stick out of it!  I’ve already bought a decent amount of GPK2 and about 40 packs of the NBA stickers.  That’s gotten me pretty close on the GPK set and about half way down on the real sport release.  This is where I need your help.


If you are also trying to collect these sets, please visit the ol’ trade page and let me know what you have to offer.

I have a pretty good stack to send in return.  I could care less about how good the player is, so I’m hoping for 1:1 trades.  For GPK, I’ll gladly trade any parallels for a set need.  Inserts are kind of cool, so I’d want 2 needs for each of those.  OR one series 1 need for a series 2 insert.  I have the full list available on the trade page, but here’s a nice little sampling of the good stuff.

Unfortunately these are the only shiny and cloth dupes I have so far

I have plenty more where this came from, but these are the highlights.  I know what you’re thinking, “Team cards are highlights?”  I also know that if you’re thinking that, you obviously have not seen the team stickers in person.  They are glorious.

I don't have the A or B version of card 70, yet I get the silver parallel version. Oh, and 2 silver Bad Brads.

The 3D cards in the bottom row make me happy.  This whole product makes me happy.  Help me make you happy, too by trading with me.  If you want a specific name, I can check to see if I have it.  I only have the card numbers listed on the trade page.

What say my fellow sticker-loving geeks?

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