2011 Bowman Platinum Baseball Breaks Coming Later Tonight

The title says it all.  Almost.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to join us tonight on twitter as we bust open 4 hobby boxes of Bowman Platinum Baseball complete with pictures of the hits and a full play by play.  The best part?  If you see something you like – just tweet us!

The plan is to sell this stuff on ebay, but we’d much rather sell direct and love giving the “blogger/follower discount.”  Depending on collation, we may even be able to put together some non-prospect team sets with our boxes.  Feel free to inquire within and we’ll work with you.

We’ll be recording the first box on video (our first video in months) and expect a full review shortly after as well.  We’re getting back in the swing of things, baby.

Harper’s away!

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