Stay Tuned, Non-Trade Posts Coming Soon

I think I’m getting closer to conducting another group break here on the blog.  It’s been a while since we’ve done anything interactive and things are slowing down enough for me where I can handle the spurts of work that goes into such a thing.

In the meantime, I’m back with the results of a different group break.  Hiflew from Cards From the Quarry held a break that I remember being on the fence about at the time.  The products didn’t give me much of an opportunity to get anything good.  The best I could really hope for is a few base cards, and I wasn’t sure if that was worth it.

Well, obviously I threw caution to the wind, and I’m glad I did.  Although my haul wasn’t massive, it was still worth my while and my money.  Check it out!

Rickey doesn't even remember that Rickey played for the Padres

You can see the boxes that were opened here.  1996 Studio, 1998 Aurora, and 2004 Chrome.  It’s an interesting mix of stuff I don’t have much experience with.  I’ve always loved Studio, and I like this year’s Topps design, so that’s no problem.  The Aurora set isn’t my style.

Did you know Wally Joyner had braces?  Thanks, Studio!

Would you like some applesauce to go with those Mutton Chops?

Studio is also a good way to figure out which faces should not be featured on Studio cards.  Not to name names or anything, Brooks.

Trivia time:  What does 1998 Aurora and 2010 Upper Deck have in common?  That’s right, neither have an MLBP license, only the MLBPA.  That’s what the back says at least.  “Pacific baseball player cards are not manufactured, sponsored or authorized by any team or league.” I don’t know if any legal action resulted from this set, since there’s obviously no attempt to hide logos here either.  I guess it can be confusing, because I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Anybody need this?

This James Madison refractor was randomed off to the people without hits.  I was lucky enough to snag it away from everyone else.  However, it doesn’t fit any of my collecting goals and I think a couple bloggers may be trying to collect this set, so it is available.  Feel free to call dibs in the comments, and I’ll get back to you later in the month when I resume trading activities.  I’m still on hiatus.

On to the player collection cards.

Unlicensed must equal green

This currently has the distinction of being the first card you see in the Kerry Wood binder.  There are 53 others that could bump it, but even when that happens, it will remain the first card in the 1998s thanks to my alphabetical organization.  It will also be one of the greener cards.

I never noticed his number was 33 back then. It's 46 now for the record

Speaking of leading off, this card currently leads off the Cubs section of my Dempster binder.  I have three Marlins cards that I’ve absorbed over time (although I’m not actively collecting other teams for him yet).  Only 3 other Topps cards could unseat this chrome.  Dempster has more non-stadium posed shots than anyone else in my collection.  2004 makes sense since he wouldn’t have pitched for the team yet.  The park does not make sense.

Inching closer to all Maddux Gallery cards

This and the next one are from a trade that we worked out on top of the group break.  I gave up Opening Day blue parallels to help with his master set quest to get these.  Did you know that the Professor hit four homers through 2002?  I can’t say I did.  DJ Brown painted this card and did a good job, even if he did miss the devil eyes that Upper Deck captured so well.

It's a different card!

I promise this Artist’s Proof is all shiny and different looking in person.  You’ll have to trust me, since I guess I don’t have any..proof.  Sure I could scan the back that shows the gold backdrop for the stats, but you know how I am about scanning the backs.  You’re lucky you get the fronts.  I don’t know.  Notice it has no texture perhaps?  The gold foil opposed to the silver?  No?  Okay, fine. It’s the same card.

Hey, look what I'm gonna catch!

I’m getting a Back to the Future vibe from these cards.  Look at big Tony’s shoulder disappearing.  Quick, get Wally Joyner and Ken Caminiti to kiss before it’s too late!  I know, I know.  Like they’d fall for that one again. I don’t know much post-1993 Studio, but I wish someone still made them.  Panini?

It's a different card! Oh, wait. This one's more obvious.

Hell yeah!  The hit of the break in my opinion.  I don’t care what those other suckers lovely fellow bloggers got, I gots me a Bronze Press Proof of a Hall of Famer I collect!  I never have this kind of luck pulling good, rare cards of my players for myself.  This is why I rely on the group breaks to do it for me.  The bronze version is limited to 2,000 non-serial numbered copies.  There are tougher versions still to nab in the form of Gold (500 copies) and Silver (oddly less than gold at 100 copies).  I wasn’t expecting any of the three.  It was a pipe dream to think it may happen, and then insert whatever pipe analogy people should use when pipe dreams come true!

Thanks a lot to hiflew for running the break.  It looks like he’s slowed down on the blogging front, but if he has the time or desire to write in the future, I’ll be there.

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