Because Ponies

Isn’t that really the answer to just about every positive question you can think of?

Do I really need to say where this stuff came from?  What land do the My Little Ponies inhabit?  I know it’s not Narnia or Eternia.  No, they’re from Equestria.  How do I know that?  It’s not from watching the show (barely have time for the 5 or 6 shows I do watch semi-regularly).  It’s not from the internet, because I’m too lazy to look such things up.  So, it must be from another source.  Hmmm….  Well, you’ll see later.  Or will you?  (You will.)

You may never see things in such neat little rows again

As you can probably guess, I made a little trade with dayf from the world famous Cardboard Junkie baseball, drawing and ponies blog.  I honestly don’t remember what I sent him, but I do know that I got more in return.  He was looking to purge some doubles and I was looking to fill up my album.  By the way, I still need just a single, solitary sticker to finish the 2011 album.  Anyone with an extra Brian McCann out there?  This fantastic transaction of 31 new stickers yielded 5 newly completed teams.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

White Sox Before

I think we can all agree that the White Sox are going to be terrible this year.  I’m quite alright with this.

White Sox After

Paul Konerko gets covered up in a black abyss.  Maybe Adam Dunn should focus less on blowing bubbles and more on keeping an eye on the ball.  There were a lot of Cubs fans that wanted him instead of Carlos Pena.  I was quite happy with Pena.

Indians Before

I don’t know much about the Indians, but Shin-Soo Choo’s team here will still rank higher than the White Sox in the AL Central.

Indians After

Is Travis Hafner any good anymore?  What about Grady Sizemore?  I feel like they’re not.

Athletics Before

Moneyball, suckas.  Oakland represent.  What a great, inexpensive line-up on the page!

Athletics After

No more inspiring filled over Kurt Suzuki’s weird looking face.

Rangers Before

PATP, you’re going to have to help confirm on this one.  Ian Kinsler, right?  Or is it Adrian Beltre?

Rangers After

Doesn’t really matter.  Face got covered anyway.  I think the Rangers page has the most diverse set of photos, color-wise, that I’ve seen.

Brewers Before

Lastly, we have the Brewers, the only NL team completed this time around.  Now that Braun isn’t suspended, I’m expecting them to win the NL Central. Scratch that.  Forgot about the Reds.  They’ll take it.  It’s a weak division once again.

Brewers After

Man, even with the stickers, you can’t escape that damn fish eye.  It just pokes right out, doesn’t it.


Let’s lighten the mood, shall we?

Anyone who’s been following Dayf’s blog knows that each trade comes with a custom made sketch card.  During this period of time the trading parties got to request their card subject.  Was there really any doubt about what I was going to choose?

I told him I wanted to see Greg Maddux riding a pony.  You know, the best of both worlds.

That is Pinkie Pie, if I'm not mistaken

I should have known!  You can’t kid a kidder.

I love this card.  There’s not much else to say really other than that.  It made my day when I saw it in the package, and it makes my day the other days I come across it.

And now it’s time for the answer to our trivia question.

Oh my Yakov!

Yes, further proof that I’m drastically behind.  Only a few more to go.

Why is this trade awesome?

Because Ponies.

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