What Am I Getting Myself Into?

I need to stop giving into my impulses.

One of many to come

See this card?  This was the result of an impulse.

I’m not talking about your run of the mill purchase of a single card on ebay type impulse, mind you.

I’m talking about the impulse decision to add a seventh player to my list of collections.  It’s a possibility I considered all of one day.

Starlin Castro has been called-up to the big binder leagues.

When I told Andy I was considering the decision, his initial reaction was “Holy Wallet!”  A look at some recent autographed completed auctions would certainly verify that claim.  So, why would I get myself into this mess?  I’ll tell you my theory.

Castro is a big deal in Cubs land.  In his first full season, he led the league in hits and was an All-Star.  I get the impression that he’s going to continue this trend for several years.  I don’t like to buy into prospects and young players until they’ve put in more time and proven themselves.  Let’s just say that I’m buying in.  I think that as long as he stays uninjured, he’ll rocket towards superstar status.  If the Cubs turn things around in a couple years and start winning, it’s just going to make him a bigger name.

Right now, I think most non-Cub fans see him as a good, young second/third year player.  By the time people realize his staying power in the league, his status will be secured in the hobby world and the autos that are commanding $150 today will be going for exponentially more.  I’m getting in on the second floor and riding the elevator up.

This is about as close to prospecting as I get.  It’s a gamble, but I’m okay with that.  At least now I am.

Like I said, that card up there was an impulse. A test, if you will.  I looked at some recent auctions for that card.  I put in a lowball bid that had a chance of winning, but wasn’t exactly normal going rate.  I told myself that if I won the auction, the collection would begin.  If I lost, well, I probably have a good year before people start to look into Castro a bit more heavily, and I can reevaluate in the off-season.

Obviously I won.  Yay?

If nothing else, it should make it easier to trade with me.  I know that Ryan Dempster, Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood aren’t busting out of too many newer packs, but Castro sure is.  He’s everywhere!

And now I need them all.  Including the non-refractor and Gold Refractor versions of this first card.

What am I getting myself into?

4 comments to What Am I Getting Myself Into?

  • I think that Castro is almost a must for a Cubs player collector regardless of the cost. Any plans on adding a non-Cubs player to your list in the future?

    • Jon

      I was thinking about that. With Dempster and Marmol possibly on their way out to another team, that might fill my non-Cub spots for now. I’ll also likely expand Dempster to include his pre-cub cards too, should he be traded.
      However, if I fill a certain percentage of my needs of either of those two, I think it’ll be time to change one of my “If I Were to Collect” subjects into an “I’m Collecting”

  • When Castro was with the Tennessee Smokies he was loved as a player. Still is. Glad to have seen him a few times.

  • Play at the Plate

    You kids and your collections.

    Good luck!

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