All-Upper Deck Group Break Reminder. Great Teams As Low As $12 For 8 Boxes!

You can find all the details here for my upcoming Group Break (aka Community Break).

It’s coming up faster than you may think.  I’m breaking the boxes wide open in less than a week, so I’d like to get more teams claimed and paid for before then.

I know the prices may seem high, but when you think about it, even at the highest price still open, it’s only $3 per box for all the cards from you team.  How are the Red Sox or Tigers not taken yet?  Braves at a discount?  Crazy talk!

And, you get discounts for promoting the break on your blog or taking a second team.  It’s just that easy!

This is all thanks to our break sponsor BASEBALL CARD EXCHANGE.

Any other teams older than 1961 are Level 2 — $24.00

Boston Red Sox –
Detroit Tigers – 
Minnesota Twins –
Oakland Athletics – 
Pittsburgh Pirates –
San Francisco Giants –

Any team started between 1961 to 1976 are Level 3 — $18.00

Anaheim Angels –
*Atlanta Braves – 
Kansas City Royals –
Milwaukee Brewers –
Texas Rangers –

Any team newer than 1976 are Level 4 — $12.00

Arizona Diamondbacks –
Florida Marlins –
*San Diego Padres –
Tampa Bay Devil Rays –

*teams with an asterisk, please see the original post for details.

Join me won’t you?

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