Penultimate 2012 Sticker Showcase

The Topps Sticker albums are a wonderful thing.  They are the best proof that I personally have that children are still interested in collecting baseball stuff.

I know that Opening Day is supposed to be geared towards young collectors, too, but I’ve never had a parent email me asking to help his kid complete his Opening Day set.

On the other hand, I’ve had several asking about my extra stickers.  Either that, or I’m getting emails from adults using their kids as a cover for their own “childish” collecting habits.  Either way, I’m happy to purge extra stickers to fill the smallest holes in my album.

The latest such transaction came courtesy of Nicholas (by way of an email from his extremely nice mother).  Nicholas only had one sticker I needed, but when you only need two that’s a huge leap forward.

Already out of the MLB

Here’s what came in the envelope along with a kind, hand-written note from our young brother-in-collecting.  Nishioka was supposed to be another one of those promising Japanese imports, but he couldn’t carry his skills over to Twins and asked to be released from his contract.  That’s a pretty honorable thing to do, if you ask me.

Twins Before

That elbow of Joe’s needed a sticker-sized bandage for the longest time.

Twins After

Well played, Mauer.  Yup, I’m bringing it back!

And well played, Nicholas.  Thank you for helping me get super close to finishing my album, and I really hope you continue to enjoy collecting cards and stickers as you continue to grow.

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