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I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but every once in a while I get a bunch of cards from the same set or brand within a short period of time.  Sometimes it’s because of an ebay binge.  Sometimes, it’s a new set that gets released and trades come through.  Sometimes…well, sometimes I don’t know.

I think the phenomenon is even stranger if you don’t actually buy any packs or cards yourself.  No matter the reason, occasionally I wind up with these little mini hordes.  And occasionally I have the wherewithal to collect them in a blog post and write about them.

Don’t really plan on opening any 2015 Ginter, personally, but in honor of the new set’s release, let’s look at some of the other cards from the 9 year history.

Heh. Wood.

I know this was a long time ago now, but we opened a case of 2012 Ginter.  The bigger scans you see will be from that.  The minis likely are not.  Horizontal cards in A&G are weird.  It forces the subject to be too far away.  Of course that’ll happen when there are essentially 3 borders on this thing (two white and one ornate form of copy protection that should be reserved for currency).

Heh. mini wood.

Oddly enough, I sometimes find that the regular mini cards are the toughest to get.  I’ll assume that it’s because the regular trading population doesn’t come across them and I’m not actively buying them due to the overpriced nature of one card plus shipping.

Also comes in gold, which I have

Hey look, it’s a black bordered mini.  If you thought the thing that was missing from this card was more lines, then I hope this scratches that itch for you. It certainly could if those lines were raised.

Now I need something like this, but without the 275

Lastly for Kerry Wood, 2012 Edition, we have the A&G back.  What that means is I only need the NNO mini to complete this particular year’s set.  For one player. That’s almost an accomplishment!

Athletics card, right?

This fancy little mini card came from this massive lot of cards I bought about 4.5 years ago and never fully posted on this site.  I have a ton of 2008 Ginter if anyone has some set or mini needs.


Another mini from the same lot.  The Old Planter repping the A&G back.  Interesting that it says Blue Jays on the back when the picture is the same as the regular mini seen above with the A’s uniform.

I don’t have it in front of me to check, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dodgers on the back.

I did not luck out on the mini front for Greg Maddux. So, only the biggin’ for me here.

Rocking the mustard

So, after a brief detour to 2008, we’re back to 2012.  I really like this picture and those wonderful colors.  Uniforms are actually pretty boring these days.

What’s in a Name?  Letters, usually.

Evidently, what’s in the name is “Sr.” and evidently Gwynn Jr. is younger than me and an 8 year veteran in the majors.  Also, evidently there are different looking “cards” created just for the left side of this card. Evidence.

The red matches his anger

See, aren’t these vertical cards better in a set like this? It’s also helpful when you eliminate the live backgrounds.  Should I mention that this is a short print?  Does that make it more impressive?  Probably not.

What’s in a number?

This is slightly more impressive.  It’s that whole no number variation I mentioned before, just of a different player.  A great thing about collecting a less popular player is that you can pick off some of these low print run items for a pittance.

You thought 3 borders were a lot?

This is the same picture as the red background one, but the simple color difference changes the mood of the picture, doesn’t it?  I guess he’s just excited about the pin stripe in the window.

I shall make a tiny quilt

No pinstripe on this one, but that’s quite alright.  We are back to the red background again.  I’m telling you, Dempster looks menacing with that ominous cloud.

Eyes on the ball, Starlin

Even though this is a vertically oriented card, it’s proof that not all of them are going to be super-exciting or dynamic.  That’s one of the drawbacks of player collecting. Occasionally you’ll be on the hunt for a boring rainbow.

Wake up, Starlin

Although, I guess this image is actually worse.  Bought well before my embargo on new Castro purchases, this is the extended mini found only inside rip cards.  It may look it at the top, but it’s not damaged. That top part is the tape on the toploader.  I never bothered to take it out to scan the card.

There were a lot of Ginter cards left on my want lists before, but since I’ve been out of collecting for a while, there are a bunch more added.  Luckily, most of my guys are missing from 2015 Ginter.  If I abandon Castro, then I’ll be able to skip this year completely, I think.  Or at least until I replace him with another current Cub player.

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