Digital De-Cluttering – Kerry Wood Edition

The last time I did this kind of post (also the first time), it was fall of last year when I still had hopes that work wouldn’t suck my soul into the upside down.  Now we’re in spring, so I can use the whole spring cleaning analogy.  Hooray?

Throughout my years of collecting and blogging (over 7 years now….), I’ve either obtained a small amount of cards from one source, or I’ve posted most cards from a package but not all.  That leaves a bunch of “master files” taking up space in my scan folders, waiting for inspiration to strike or a theme to tie them together.

I know this means nothing to you, but this post (and the others to follow) help ease my mind by cleaning out those folders a little bit and making me feel like I’m making progress in showing everything in my collection.  For Kerry, I still have 35 multi-card scans left after this, which isn’t too bad, but still a lot of work left to be done.


Tough set to collect

Most of these will be from boxes I’ve opened over the years.  I found a cheap 2006 UD Special F/X box, and it was a lot of fun.  I didn’t strike gold on any player collection parallels, but that’s okay.  The base set (and all the many parallels) comes in at over 1000 cards and if I remember correctly it’s 4 cards per pack, 20 packs per box (with inserts and hits).  Odds are long on hitting something you need even at the base level.


Fits the unmarked bill

I love Hometown Heroes.  I wish Panini would have brought it back for another run. I’ve opened a few boxes of this (expect a trade bait post, but in the meantime if you are trying for the set, let me know as I have a near-set to trade and can definitely help.


Practically a reverse negative of the first picture

I landed this insert in one of my boxes.  He also has an autograph in the set, but I wasn’t lucky enough to find that.  I have autos to trade if you did!


Mini version of a big yell

I bought into the 2012 Mini box craze in it’s first year.  They were fun to open with the low numbered gold and black borders easy to find.  I actually still have two sealed boxes left that I don’t really need.  Currently my plan is to hold on to them and maybe I can ride the Harper mini RC train to profit town.


Didn’t make the cut for my last Kerry Wood post

Shifting now to old ebay wins and BINs.  I found a seller that had this tough to spot Upper Deck gold parallel.  It’s also tough to find them for a good price.


Same with this. They were already in this draft

And, what do you know, the same seller had this team checklist one as well.  Nice to kill two “evil-eye” birds with a cheap stone.


Bring back purple foil and wonky serial numbering

I don’t actively seek these types of cards, but every once in a while I’ll buy or win a card from a large seller and I’ll see what else they have that I might want.  That’s where this comes in.  Slowly whittling away my 1999 Pacific Prism needs.  The toughest one left is #/80 Blue.  Tough to believe it will look better than this purple (which scans pink).


And you wonder why I think Pacific looks tacky

I think this is the one that I won.  I have saved searches and then at times I’ll do random ebay searches for cards numbered to 50 or 99 for my players.  This is a 99 shiny parallel that I stumbled upon two years back.

Yup, two years ago.  Some of those scans are older still.  I never really stopped collecting or acquiring cards (slowed down significantly), I just stopped having time to post.  Cleaning things up is a nice start.

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