Gint-A-Cuffs 9: Packs 7-12

Back again with part two.  I feel like the first fourth of the box was pretty solid.  Can we keep the momentum going here?  Probably not, but who knows.  I know it’s going to be an uphill battle without the foil hot box bonus on my side anyway.


Jose Abreu (+2 Favorite Player)
Greg Bird (-1 for being one of the Yankees we hear very little about)
Jose Altuve (+2 Favorite Player)
Bryce Harper – What A Day! (+2 Insert)
Noah Syndergaard (+4 Black border mini)

Okay, not a bad pack to start with.  The black borders are awesome this year.  Sure it looks like random scribbles a bored student would make in his notebook, but still cool.

Pack Total: +9
Running Total: +56


Reynaldo Lopez #/25 (+11 Black Framed Autograph)
Addison Russell (+4 Black border mini +1 Favorite Team = 5)
Fishing Lure (+2 Insert)

Wow.  This has to be the best fishing lure card in the set!!!  In all seriousness, I wasn’t expecting an autograph, let alone a black bordered one.  I don’t know much about Reynaldo Lopez other than he’s a rookie White Sox pitcher, but the auto is pretty nice.

Pack Total: +18
Running Total: +74


Jake Arrieta (+1 Favorite Team)
Roger Maris (-1 for the original asterisk HR record)
Fishing Lure (+2 Insert)

Just kidding about the last pack.  This is the coolest fishing lure.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t even read the backs so I don’t know anything about these things.  I’m sure they’ll appeal to some people, but they aren’t….hooking…me.

Pack Total: +2
Running Total: +76


Francisco Lindor (+2 Favorite Player)
Fishing Lure (+2 Insert)
Bust A Move (+2 mini insert)

Dang, three lures in a row.  These scans are not in the order in which I opened the packs.  They’re just what ever order I grabbed them for scanning.  Anyway, how about that Bust A Move card?  That’s different.  The back kinda talks about the steps needed to perform the dance featured, but not really.

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +82


Ken Griffey Jr – What A Day (+2 Insert)
Gary Sanchez (+2 A&G back mini -1 for being the forgotten young slugger = +1)

After the auto, the points kind of trailed off a bit.  Even an A&G back can’t save it thanks to the Yankee curse.

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +85


Statue of the Republic – World’s Fair (+2 Insert)

Last pack of the bunch and it’s clear that I front loaded those scans with all the good high scoring stuff.  I still have half of the box left, but we’ve seen two hits, so I doubt this 87 points average will last.  We do seem to be on our way to breaking 100, though.

Pack Total: +2
Running Total: +87

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