2017 Cubs – The Seventh 10 Games

Why, sure.  I’ll keep this series going, even though I’m not even halfway through the season with it.  I have no idea what was really going on with the team back then anymore, but I do remember we were struggling stay above .500.  This was one of the better stretches with a whopping 6 wins out of 10.  That means more M&M cards to get out of the queue.

I wonder what I should do if/when I run out of these

Strikeout #145
August 21, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers

The second strikeout of the game was against Dave Hansen in the bottom of the second.  After a 9 pitch AB to start the inning, which resulted in a flyout, Dave coaxed 6 more pitches out of Greg before swinging at the air.

I have plenty of Braves Maddux cards

Strikeout #147
August 21, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers

Maddux wouldn’t notch his fourth K of the game until the bottom of the 8th.  The Cubs were up 2-0 to start the frame, but the Dodgers battled back and scored 1.  Dave Hansen had the bases loaded with two outs, but once again fell swinging, but this time with only 4 pitches.  The Cubs would win in 12 innings, despite a pinch hit single from Orel Hershiser.

But this is to talk about Cubs wins

Strikeout #151
August 26, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres

Maddux only managed three strikeouts over 6 innings, but saved two of them for that final inning.  This card represents the third, where he got Craig Shipley to swing and miss to end the inning and Greg’s day in an eventual Cubs loss.

Tough call as I don’t know how to wedge those cards into posts

Strikeout #166
September 11, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

In contrast, this game saw him pitch 8 innings and added 9 K’s to his total for the year.  He also drove in two runs with 2 hits in a blowout against the Cardinals.  The Cubs were only up 2-0 by the time this third strikeout came about.  Rod Brewer would strand two runners when he swung at nothing to end the threat.

Maybe I’ll do a loss counter next year for those

Strikeout #167
September 11, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

The 4th inning = 4th strikeout after the Cubs tacked on 2 more runs.  Ozzie Canseco doubled to start things off, but he would stay there as Geronimo Pena would watch the ball hit the glove behind him and take a seat back on the bench.

Stay tuned and find out, I guess

Strikeout #175
September 16, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

In his next start, Greg only needed 6 innings to tally 9 strikeouts.  The third of the day came to end the second.  It was a very efficient inning, only needing 9 total pitches, 3 of which were used to get Juan Bell looking.

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