Gint-A-Cuffs X: Packs 17-24

This is it. The last third.  One hit within 8 packs and hopefully some other unknown treasures that will boost the score even more (updated total so far is 86).  Let’s see some Cubs.

Pack 17

Rodriguez Fantasy Goldmine (+2 insert)

I can’t say I care about Fantasy sports.  Nor do I care about WAR.  These cards also don’t illicit much care from me. The gold whatevers on the left deserve a vertical design. I also would like some gold foil, but that’s not really a Ginter thing.  The font of the insert name is great, though.

Pack Total: +2
Running Total: +88

Pack 18

Ramirez mini (+4 Black Border)
Trunk Bay (+2 insert)

My first black border mini of the box.  I’m glad they started flair-ing those up a bit.

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +94

Pack 19

Evans (-1 because the Commissioner says so)
Judge (-1 for forgetting his hat)
Rivera mini (-1 for being the third retired Yankee that’s shown up in this set)
Cespedes (+2 insert)

Ouch, this was not a great stretch of three packs and my first negative scoring pack in the box.

Pack Total: -1
Running Total: +93

Pack 20

Chapman mini (+3 Short Print Mini)
Baseball Sweater (+2 insert -1 for choosing the wrong player to show)

And once again the Yankees steal an insert point away from me.  I’m missing my Cub representation here something fierce!  At least I got an SP mini to counteract it a little bit.

Pack Total: +4
Running Total: +97

Pack 21

Sandberg (+1 Favorite team)
Tommy Wiseau full sized relic (+5)
Longoria mini (+2 A&G back)
Wagner (+2 insert)

Okay, this pack made up for that negative one a bit.  I got a Cub.  A couple other scoring pieces and possibly the only non-baseball relic that I would have potentially wanted.  I certainly am still open to trading or selling the thing (and I probably will), but still pretty cool to have as a movie fan.

Pack Total: +10
Running Total: +107

Pack 22

Andujar (-1 For not being as popular as Torres)
Banks (+1 Favorite Team)
Frederickson mini (+4 Black border)
Vintage Cleats (+2 insert)

The 100 point mark has been broken with just a couple packs left to go.  You know, I wish the baseball equipment set was larger.  Topps is in the habit of making everything the same size with the same odds and that really ruins some of the fun.

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +113

Pack 23

Gray (-1 For being another Yankee I don’t know at all)
Larkin (+2 insert +2 Favorite Player List)

Winding down, but still somehow finding new Yankees to ruin things.  Maybe next year I should claim them as my favorite team just to counteract the negative effects.

Pack Total: +3
Running Total: +116

Pack 24

Ohtani (+2 Favorite Player List)
Lue (-1 to fulfill the Commissioner’s vendetta)
Ryu mini (+3 Short Print Mini)
Trition (+2 insert)

I never talked about the Moons, so I’ll do that in this last pack.  It’s an okay concept, but the odds are far too common so they lose their appeal.  Also the nature of moons make them less visually interesting as they lack color and like the beaches suffer from the photo effects.  Other than that, it was a nice pack to end on.  My second Ohtani and an SP mini I’m sure I can trade away easily.

Overall, my box was a success from a fun perspective and possibly in a money making perspective.  From a contest perspective, I will assume no, but the fun is the most important anyway.  Good luck to all contestants!

Pack Total: +6
Running Total: +122

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