Stickers From Near and Far

It took me a few months to get my act together but I’m finally posting the last/most recent packages I’ve received this year so far.  I needed to buckle down and actually scan and log them, and that took me longer to do than it would a normal person.  Either way, for now after this, all the trade package stuff I’ll be showing will be from trades that have had at least one post.

Today’s feature, the last of the new stuff, are stickers sent from two generous bloggers.  I hope neither minds that I combined their mailings.

A randomly semi-fanned look at some much needed stickers

First up, Marc from Remember the Astrodome sent me some surprise stickers to help me with my ongoing quest to finish those pesky MLB sticker albums.  The 2019 stickers will be hitting shelves in a little bit, and I’m excited to see just how much of my advice Topps took.

Looks like a card, peels like a sticker

Dan from Korean Cardboard got in touch with me through twitter.  He was looking for someone that collected Gwynn so that he could send out a stack of stickers.  I was happy to assist the former fellow Chicagoan and waited for the cards to travel across whichever ocean the postal services decided was most cost effective.  He collects Korean cards as well as some PSA Mattingly stuff and Mark Buehrle stuff. Since he’s down to just the rare stuff on Buehrle, odds were low that I could find something to repay him with, but I did have a Topps mini gold surprisingly.


This was a nice pile of stickers that took me back to the good old days where my mom would let me buy sticker packs at the grocery store. I don’t think I started with this 1987 album.

Also from ’87

Here’s some of that lovely foil that I want Topps to bring back. I don’t mind multiple stickers for the same player, if it’s done right.

88 opc

1988 looks a lot more familiar.  I definitely never had this one, however, because this is from the O-Pee-Chee version of the album.

Oh, Canada…

I love the player backs. If I wanted to get really crazy, I could go after all variations of both, all combinations of players from front and back.  I do not want to get really crazy.

Over 3000 hits served

I don’t know why this looks like a McDonald’s employee of the month head shot, but it does.  I didn’t collect as much of the Panini album, but definitely still had some.

Cataloging is fun

Remember this?  I’m showing it again because it’s the Topps version.  Can you tell the difference?  There’s a slight difference in ink saturation, but that could be total coincidence.

Bendy bat!

The 1990 stickers were much more subdued than their cardboard counterparts.

90’s are alive

Can you imagine foil in the style of 1990?  Probably don’t need to.  I’m sure it’s been chromified a few times by now.

Twice the size of a Cracker Jack prize

I tried to resize the images to scale, but maybe should have made this one smaller. I’m not familiar with the ’91 Panini album at all, but this is a sliver of a thing with a wide shot of who I assume is actually Tony Gwynn.

Double the fun

We’ll end by skipping a few years to 1996 where the Panini album went a bit bigger than the standards we had been seeing.  I don’t know this album either because I was all basketball at this point.  Not wild about the green border.

Some weird photo manipulation here

I’d be curious to see how the layout was designed that gave Tony two stickers this year.  Needs more foil.

Thank you very much Marc and Dan for the great stickers and for your kindness. Hope we get a chance to exchange some stuff again soon.

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