Some People Will Buy ANYTHING!

We’ve opened our share of the case split with Beardy and we’re still working on our Gint-A-Cuffs scoring to figure out which is the best box.  But in the interim, I did a little searching on ebay to see how much some of this stuff is selling for.

Most of it is right online with what I expected to see, but this card in particular really caught my eye.

Look closely and you can see some crimping

Super Official Serial Numbering!!!

The auction was for the Revolving Door 1/1 AUTO.  Want to know how much it went for?

Wait for it…

Nope, these revolving doors can only handle one person at a time, wait a little more…

$23.50 delivered.

I have to admit, this card made me run the gamut of emotions.  First, understandably was anger.  Both at the idiot who bought this fake, and at the jerk who pawned it off to the sucker.

Then I moved into giddyness.  The description shows that the guy isn’t really trying to cheat anyone and states it’s a fake he made himself.  There are even a couple Q&A’s to reiterate.

Q: Hi. If I were to get this card graded by BGS what would it grade?
A: Well prob. not very good since the door damaged the card on contact, but maybe since this card seems to be making news all over the web, bgs will give it a complementary 9.5 grade like they did the strasburg superfractor”

“Q: Are you the one who put it in the revolving door and numbered it?
A: Yes, I met up with a revolving door and had a witness watch me as i jammed it into the door, than the witness handnumbered the card 1/1. This is truely a one of a kind piece Shane”

So, it’s really just the sap who bought it’s fault.  Or is it?

Just because the guy was upfront doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to make a quick buck.  It’s like those people who auction off their empty PS3 boxes on launch day for $100s.  They’re honest in their words, but there’s something dishonest about putting it up at all.  They know someone isn’t going to look carefully enough or take it seriously.

I guess I’m torn as to what to think.  Was he rewarded for his creativity, or was he preying on the not so smart people of the world?  Or am I jealous that I didn’t think of it (just as a post idea, not as an actual auction)?  What do you think?

4 comments to Some People Will Buy ANYTHING!

  • Quit it with this crap and just post your hits from the case break already! I want to know what good stuff you guys pulled.

    • Jon

      The Revolving Door commands you to wait. Look. Look into it’s ever-turning entrance. Let it take over your mind. It’s soothing, isn’t it? You’re getting sleepy now. Ever-turning, going round and round. Sleepy. Sleepy…..

  • steve

    The revolving door card was meant to make fun of the ginter set and how funny some of the cards truely are! I mean seriously who wants to pull a card of the revolving door lmao

    • Jon

      I definitely understand what he was trying to do. A major part of my problem is that there was a guy out there that spent $20+ for the joke. That’s as much of a joke as the card itself, only the buyer is playing that joke on himself.

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