Diversify Your Portfolio

Others may disagree, but I consider myself an optimist.

I try to find the best slant in every situation, but let’s face it.  The Cubs are already out of it this year.  They certainly had a chance entering the season thanks to a piss-poor Central Division and if they came out strong from the jump, they might be able to hold off a couple divisional opponents’ surges.  Instead they’re in a tail spin the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 3:30 weekday afternoons after Darkwing Duck and Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers.

I’m still not embarrassed to be a Cubs fan.  After all, it’s just a down year that everyone expected anyway, and next year we’ll have plenty of fun money to spend on legitimate players since we seem to have very few left on our roster.  Still, I’m happy to say that I don’t exclusively collect Cubs cards.  In fact, I’m far from a team collector.  It’s nice to see some extra Cubbies in trade packages, but I’m not seeking them out, nor will I ever.  A man needs limits.

A man also needs to diversify his portfolio.  It rings true for retirement savings, and it rings true for card collecting.  During these depressing losing 8 in a row type stretches, it’s nice to have some back up options to show off.  You know, a solid bat off the bench (aka something the Cubs also lack).  Because there are days when I don’t even want to look at a Cubs card and be reminded of the sub-sub par swept by the freakin’ Astros product we’re putting out on the field.  So, I’m glad I can pull out a Braves card.

I want my name on a baseball card without having to extol physical energy, too!

Maybe this is my ignorance shining through, but I have no idea who this Lovero character is.  I gather from the back that he’s a photographer, and I imagine he must be relatively well-known if he got an insert set.  What I can tell you is that this is mid-90s Upper Deck.  I could tell you that immediately without ever having seen this card before.  How could that foil and limited design mean anything else?  I like the design, but I think it’s better suited for a different insert.  Something involving a photographer should reflect that.  Give me a portfolio look.  Show me negatives.  How about slides.  Nothing too busy, of course, but a little hint poking through in the corners would be nice.

Ah…nice distracting Braves card.  That’s a team with hope.  If I get bored with Braves, I can go on over to the Dodgers.

I know one team that won't clinch a playoff berth this year...

I’d be hard pressed to come up with a crowning achievement for myself.  I guess it would have to be spelling the word “Achievement” correctly.  I before E indeed.  It’s so strange to see Greg wearing anything but number 31.  As for the achievement itself, all I can say is that it really is astounding how consistent and effective he was throughout his career.  The season he ended with LA was the 18th in which he won 15 games or more.  Guess who he was playing with when he broke his consecutive streak in 2005.  Yep, he got Cubbed.

Oh, I know this card lists him as a Padre, but I like to go by the uniform.  So, to go all the way with it, here’s a full-on Padres card.

This scanned nicely, I must say

I think last time I talked about Maddux chrome cards, I was mentioning how odd it was that I only got the subset versions.  Well, here’s a regular refractor for you.  Actually, for me. Not for you.  This is probably the worst set to put on chrome.  That white border sucks all the life out of the refracting light.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a refractor and hence badass, but how badass can it really be?  You don’t think of white when you think badass, do you?

I’d like to thank Night Owl for allowing me to go on this non-Cub journey with all of you.  I traded him some O-Pee-Chee cards a while back and this is what he sent in return.  I must say, that they are great cards to have no matter what the mood may be that day.

Now remember, kids:  Diversify.  You’ll thank yourself later on that rainy day.

2 comments to Diversify Your Portfolio

  • V.J. Lovero was a photographer for Sports Illustrated, as well as the team photographer for the Angels and Mighty Ducks. He died of cancer at age 44.

    The Lovero insert set in Upper Deck that year is one of my favorite insert sets of all-time. You might be familiar with the card of Piazza and Karros eating cereal next to a cardboard cutout of Tommy Lasorda (one of my favorite all-time cards), Hideo Nomo in his wind-up shot from overhead, Jay Buhner taking a chomp out of a bat along with his kid, Randy Johnson playing the drums at home. All from the same insert set. I need to complete it someday.

  • I love photo-centric inserts sets. The Iooss one was my favorite back in the day. I still want them all, but only have the Ripken and Mattingly I pulled back in 1993.

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