I Bought A Repack Box

There.  I said it.  I’m not necessarily proud of it, but we’ve all been there.

I bought this in a particularly down time in my collecting life.  I was on the hunt for some new NBA Sticker hotness (find my want/trade list on my trade page) and again had come up empty.  I needed to buy something.  I had the fever.  And there it stood.  A mega repack box thingy for the price of a blaster.  16 packs.  I found one that had a couple Baseball Heroes showing along with a Bowman Chrome and it suckered me in.

The results weren’t horrible, but nothing earth shattering.  My plan for this thing is to run down a list of all the cards, with the hopes that you’ll see something and a trade could be sparked, so speak up.  For the packs that have already been featured on A Pack to be Named Later, I’ll show a couple highlight pictures here so it doesn’t become text-fest 2000 up in this blizzy.  If it hasn’t been featured, I’ll list the cards, but try to get to my normal commentary and full rundown on that blog when time allows.  Let’s get re-packin’!

2009 Upper Deck Icons

This card is red not to represent the Indians team colors, but to represent the anger in Kerry Wood's face

#69 – Kerry Wood (NOT FOR TRADE)
#45 – Freddy Sanchez (Pirates)

"Hole in one. Get it guys?"

#1880 – Tiger Woods – UD 20th Anniversary (TRADED)
#51 – Javier Vazquez (Braves)
#24 – Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers)

Very good start for me as it netted a Kerry Wood card I didn’t have.  Who doesn’t love a Wood/Woods combo?  Overall, I can see why these were in repacks.  The set is quite bland and the backs are a wasteland of empty space.  I just don’t get the appeal.  I guess seeing Kerry in an “Ians” uniform doesn’t help the appeal factor, either.  Maybe the red foil version will look better.


2007 Upper Deck Series 2 – Pack 1

#972 – Rocco Baldelli (Rays)
#907 – Josh Bard (Padres)

I only included this one for the unique name

#912 – Terrmel Sledge (Padres)
#839 – Andy Pettitte (Yankees)
#728 – Woody Williams (Astros)
#1016 – Cristian Guzman (Nationals)

Yeah, it's popcorn-hole, but the picture looks alright

#845 – Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)
#779 – Olmedo Saenz (Dodgers)


2007 Upper Deck Series 2 – Pack 2

#740 – Joel Peralta (Royals)
#665 – Brian Fuentes (Rockies)
#720 – Wandy Rodriguez (Astros)

Nicely framed between the trash compactor borders

#939 – Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners)
#849 – Phil Hughes (Yankees)
#975 – Delmon Young – Rays Checklist
#789 – Carlos Villanueva (Brewers)
#658 – Mike Rouse (Indians)


2007 Upper Deck Series 2 – Pack 3

#769 – Elmer Dessens (Brewers)
#695 – Kevin Gregg (Marlins)
#904 – Jake Peavy (Padres)
#827 – Duaner Sanchez (Mets)
#760 – Casey Kotchman (Angels)

Another awesome horizontal shot

#689 – Vance Wilson (Tigers)
#699 – Ricky Nolasco (Marlins)

I love broken bat pictures.

#812 – Torii Hunter (Twins)


2009 Upper Deck Series 2

#721 – Dave Bush (Brewers)

You may think you can hit this pitch, but you can't

#572 – Carlos Marmol (Cubs – for trade as I already have one)
#917 – Adam Lind (Blue Jays)
#697 – Reggie Willits (Angels)
#877 – Brendan Ryan (Cardinals)
#763 – David Wright (Mets)
#982 – David Eckstein – Padres Team Checklist
#855 – Ken Griffey Jr. (Mariners – not a variation)
#1001 – Brett Anderson (A’s)
#SQ-44 – Jimmy Rollins – Starquest – Silver Common (Phillies)
#OPC-23 – Carlos Beltran – O-Pee-Chee Preview (Mets)
#970 – Geovany Soto – Award Winner (Cubs)
#632 – Yorvit Torrealba (Rockies)
#728 – Todd Coffey (Brewers)
#662 – Humberto Quintero (Astros)
#743 – Denard Span (Twins)
#861 – Roy Corcoran (Mariners)
#627 – Taylor Buchholz (Rockies)

I’ve had this Marmol card for a while, but I haven’t featured it up on the ol’ blog yet.  How about I do that now.  That’s a funny looking face he’s making, but I’m sure it’s a nasty pitch that’s resulting from it.  I really like the 2009 UD look.  It’s very Upper Deck in its boxiness and lack of flair.  Yet the little gold strip and the bit of color you get behind the team logo are enough to keep the eyes interested.  Another nice feature is the uniform number right there on the front.  Very few cards feature the player’s number on the front or the back, which is strange considering how much people identify players to their numbers.

2008 Upper Deck X – Pack 1

#30 – Brandon Phillips (Reds)

There's so little card, that I'm so afraid I'm going to damage these things

#59 – Justin Morneau Die Cut (Twins)

Xuper Xhiny!

#X-RZ – Ryan Zimmerman – Xponential (Nationals)
#YSL4814 – Don Mattingly – Yankee Stadium Legacy (guess)
#10 – Nick Markakis (Orioles)
#17 – Carlos Zambrano (Cubs)


2008 Upper Deck X – Pack 2

#95 – Josh Hamilton (Rangers)
#11 – Daisuke Matsuzaka (Red Sox)

The top and bottom weren't completely cut out. The Die must have died.

#71 – Robinson Cano Die Cut (Yankees – top and bottom not cut out)

That is one mad Yankee

#X-HM – Hideki Matsui – Xponential (Yankees)
#69 – Chien-Ming Wang (Yankees again)
#27 – Jim Thome (White Sox)


2009 Upper Deck Goudy

#2 – Max Scherzer (Diamond Backs)
#24 – Justin Masterson (Red sox)
#768 – Mariano Rivera – UD 20th  Anniversary (TRADED)
#194 – Travis Snider (Blue Jays)
#112 – CC Sabathia (Yankees -pictured as Brewer)


2009 Topps Attax (no card numbers)

Victor Martinez (Indians)
Jose Lopez (Mariners)
Ronnie Belliard (Nationals)
Justin Morneau – Code Card (Twins)
Jose Reyes – Hot Streak Foil (Mets)
Mike Pelfrey (Mets)
John Maine (Mets again)
Carlos Gomez (Twins)
Hideki Matsui (Yankees)
Adam Dunn (Diamond Backs)


2007 Fleer Ultra Retail

#65 – Brandon Inge (Tigers)
#5 – Eric Byrnes (Diamondbacks)

Still kind of weird to see him in a Blue Jays uniform

#195 – Frank Thomas (NOT FOR TRADE)
#161 – Mike Cameron (Padres)

There are approximately 3 billion cards in this insert set

#UIM-11 – Cal Ripken Jr. – Ultra Iron Man

Fleer Ultra around this time bugs the crap out of me.  There is a retail version and a hobby version, each with their own gold medallion parallel.  I know this is retail from it’s appearance in a repack box, but otherwise I’d have to look up the difference between the two.  The worst part is that it’s a subtle difference.  The foil around the name on retail is all silver.  The foil in the hobby version is more refractory foil boardy.  Ultra, I like you enough to tell you that this is bullshit, man.  Don’t do this to the people.  I think it’s good that you’ve walked away.  Regroup.  Come back when you’re ready to behave yourself.


2009 O-Pee-Chee

#405 – Chris Dickerson (Reds)

I'm supposed to do what?

#233 – Carlos Marmol (NOT FOR TRADE)
#465 – Dan Uggla (Marlins)
#486 – Randy Winn – Black Border (Giants)
#528 – Phillies Team Checklist
#403 – Yovani Gallardo

This was the big hit for me out of the repack box.  It almost made it worth while.  I bought an entire hobby box of this stuff and didn’t get this Marmol card.  I buy a repack box not knowing that this single retail pack is in there, and out comes a card I’ve purposefully chased.  As you can tell from the picture, Carlos is just as confused about the situation as I am.  That’s just how the cardboard bounces, sometimes, I guess.  Now, if only I can find a black bordered version in a random card show grab bag, I’ll be all set.


2008 UD Timeline

#36 – Jim Thome (White Sox)
#9 – Mark Teixeira (Angels)
#27 – Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)

Not sure why I wanted to scan this card. Don't particularly like him

#96 – Jeff Samardzija (Cubs)
#YSL2023 – Vic Raschi – Yankee Stadium Legacy

This set design is well-known, but I wouldn't consider it as iconic as Upper Deck apparently does

#159 – Jimmy Rollins (Phillies)


2009 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 Combo

#61 – Alfonso Soriano (Cubs)
#153 – Lance Berkman (Astros)
#259 – Ivan Rodriguez (Yankees)
#332 – Felix Hernandez (Mariners)
#400 – Jesus Flores (Nationals)
#423 – Alfredo Aceves (Yankees)
#450 – Morneau/Mauer/Gomez – Twins Team Leaders
#GN5 – Alex Rodriguez – Generation Now (Yankees)
#U6 – Aaron Poreda (White Sox)
#2411 – Detroit Red Wings – UD 20th Anniversary (TRADED)
#554 – Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox)
#631 – Manny Corpas (Rockies)
#872 – Kyle McClellan (Cardinals)
#793 – Joey Devine (A’s)
#856 – Garrett Olson (Mariners)
#824 – Zach Duke (Pirates)
#879 – Troy Glaus (Cardinals)
#932 – Josh Willingham (Nationals)
#997 – Brian Fuentes – Angels Team Checklist


2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes – Pack 1

The Original Pudge

#32 – Carlton Fisk (Red Sox)
#59 – Todd Helton (Rockies)
#5 – Randy Johnson (Diamond Backs)
#198 – Papelbon/Ramirez/Varitek/Ortiz (Red Sox)

Confusing parallels are a go

#155 – Erik Bedard – Black (Mariners)


2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes – Pack 2

#4 – Justin Upton (Diamond Backs)
#16 – Cal Ripken Jr. (Orioles)
#80 – Matt Cain (Giants)

Not too shabby. Who wants it?

#6 – Chipper Jones – Brown/149 (Braves)

Parallels in this pack were kind to me this time

#156 – Albert Pujols – Black (Cardinals)


2008 Bowman Chrome

The guy gets no hobby love for how good he is

#78 – Mark Buehrle (White Sox)
#BCP131 – Zhenwang Zhang (Yankees)
#218 – Matt Tolbert (Twins)

Phew!  That honestly took a long time to put together.  One more reason not to buy repacks.  I’m sure I’ll get bitten by the bug at some point in the future.  But for now, hopefully some of you see a card or two or ten that you need so I can trade and truly make this purchase worthwhile.  What do ya say?

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