2011 Topps Finest Baseball Case Breakdown & For Sale List

Thanks to the select few that joined us for the live UStream Finest Break.  I know it was a very last minute announcement on our part, so it’s amazing anyone came into the chat room at all.  It was a lot of fun chatting with The Daily Dimwit and the newly titled Life and Baseball Cards throughout the break.  Unfortunately, you guys won’t get too see or hear the fun we had, since we stupidly forgot to hit record on the live feed….  At least a couple of you got to hear the witty comments and lively discussion, right? [Jon’s Dillon Gee banter was particularly hilarious. -Andy]

Well, to make up for that, here’s a comprehensive list of every non-base card we found inside our case of Topps Finest Baseball.  And at least we have this really sweet video of the very first box, which we recorded for YouTube- take a look!


We both had a blast going through this stuff, and if money was no issue, we’d do it again in a second.  Alas, it is an issue, so we are forced to attempt to sell off our wares through this little-known blogging destination.  EVERYTHING you see below is for sale (unfortunately, we can’t trade unless it’s for something we can then sell for comparable value, which can get tricky to work out).  Some of the items are up on eBay due to rarity and/or perceived lack of blogger interest.

Please send us an email with a list of what you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you with a (hopefully) reasonable price quote shortly.  It will happen that multiple people are interested in the same item, and we treat those situations as first emailed, first served.  However, if something is listed as PENDING, don’t let that stop you, because you never know when the situation will change.  We’ve seen it happen a few times in our previous two breaks.

Enough chatter, let’s see the platter! All scans are available in our ‘Bucket folder for 2011 Topps Finest if you’re curious.

On-Card Autographs
Mike Moustakas Redemption /499 – Royals – PENDING
Brett Wallace /499 – Astros – SOLD

This one's for Dim!

Eduardo Sanchez /499 – Cardinals
Eduardo Sanchez X-Fractor /299 – Cardinals
Brandon Belt X-Fractor /299 – Giants PENDING

This one's for anyone who shares a last name with that of a clothing accessory!

Mark Trumbo X-Fractor /299 – Angels
Brent Morel Green /199 – White Sox PENDING

This one's for anyone who shares their last name with that of a fungus!

Brent Morel Orange /99 – White Sox PENDING
Jordan Walden Orange /99 – Angels PENDING

This one's for anyone who shares a last name with a famous pond!

Dual Relic Autos (stickers)
Eric Hosmer REDEMPTION /499 – Royals PENDING
Zach Britton /499 – Orioles

I could keep the theme going here, but why?

Think he's related to the salad magnate? Oh damn, I'm back on the theme again!

Jordan Walden /499 – Angels PENDING
Hector Noesi Green /149 – Yankees PENDING
Mike Moustakas Orange /99 – Royals PENDING
Alex Cobb Gold /69 – Rays

Jordan Walden Red /25 – Angels PENDING

This dude seriously haunted this break.

Bonus Case Hit
CC Sabathia Finest Moments /24 – Yankees PENDING

And to think... this little swatch was once a part of something so large.

Troy Tulowitzki Orange Parallel – Rockies PENDING

No need to name this set. It is obviously the Mario Bricks set.

Buster Posey – Giants
Robinson Cano – Yankees
Tim Lincecum – Giants
Stephen Strasburg – Nationals

Ryan Howard Orange Parallel – Phillies

This card looks like it was dipped in the River Styx. Oh man... that was a real stretch of an Achilles joke.

Cliff Lee – Phillies

Craig Kimbrel Orange Parallel – Braves SOLD
J.P. Arencibia Orange Parallel – Blue Jays

No snark here. These cards are awesome.

Jordan Walden – Angels
Aroldis Chapman – Reds
Zach Britton – Orioles

Colored and Other Parallels
Kevin Youkilis Canary Diamond (not Superfractor) 1/1 – Red Sox PENDING

Hey, we got a 1/1! It's... oh.

Chris Sale Red /25 – White Sox

These last names are really too much.

Starlin Castro Gold /50 – Cubs PENDING

I hear they were thinking of trading him for Theo Epstein and a pack of gum.

Stephen Strasburg Orange /99 – Nationals

$10,000 BIN!!!

Brian McCann Orange /99 – Braves

Green (all /199)
Mark Teixeira – Yankees
Troy Tulowitzki – Rockies (001/199 – if you care about such things) PENDING
Dan Uggla – Braves
Mike Stanton – Marlins
Joey Votto – Reds
Kevin Youkilis – Red Sox
Mike Minor – Braves
Jerry Sands – Dodgers PENDING

X-Fractors (all /299)
Chase Utley – Phillies
Andre Ethier – Dodgers PENDING
Justin Verlander – Tigers
Matt Kemp – Dodgers PENDING
Roy Oswalt – Phillies
Roy Halladay – Phillies
Cliff Lee – Phillies
J.P. Arencibia – Blue Jays
Kyle Drabek – Blue Jays
Dustin Ackley – Mariners
Craig Kimbrel – Braves
Michael Pineda – Mariners
Daniel Descalso – Cardinals

Refractors (all /549)
Buster Posey – Giants
Mark Teixeira – Yankees
Chase Utley – Phillies
Felix Hernandez – Mariners
Hunter Pence – Astros – PENDING
Paul Konerko – White Sox
Derek Jeter – Yankees
David Wright – Mets SOLD
Jayson Werth – Nationals
Robinson Cano – Yankees
Andrew McCutchen – Pirates
Matt Holliday – Cardinals
Alex Rodriguez – Yankees
Jon Lester – Red Sox
Stephen Strasburg – Nationals
Jerry Sands – Dodgers
Freddie Freeman – Braves
Brandon Beachy – Braves
Dillon Gee – Mets SOLD
Alex Cobb – Rays
Darwin Barney – Cubs PENDING
Daniel Descalso – Cardinals

10 comments to 2011 Topps Finest Baseball Case Breakdown & For Sale List

  • Hey guys. First off Jon thanks for the plug last week. I have been MIA for a bit, but I should be back soon. I am in Sooz and Marie’s Finest break also, but could you possibly hold the 2 Tulos for me in case they aren’t pulled. I hope that isn’t in bad taste, but card money is a bit tight ATM and I can’t really afford to buy something I am already going to get. I tried to view the break, but I ended up watching the Lineage break for a while before I realized it wasn’t the right place. LOL

  • Play at the Plate

    Normally, I’d be sad to see ZERO Rangers listed, but I’d just be mad I couldn’t afford them anyway. I tried to watch the break too and had a good laugh when I saw that case open and all those Lineage boxes!

  • Play at the Plate

    Just watched the first box video…sad we don’t get to see the whole case.

  • As a Tiger’s fan, if I opened that box and got only a Verlander parallel… I would be bent.
    Cool looking cards though.

  • I’m down for the Sands green refractor and the Kemp and Ethier xrefractors. I’ll email you.

  • Tulos are held- we figured you’d want them anyway! Let us know how the ACP break went for you, Johnny!

    I didn’t even notice that we had 0 Rangers and so few Tigers. A LOT of teams got shut out of this product. But if you’re a Phillies or Yankees fan, this is the break for you!

    Email responded to, NO!

  • Did you guys get my e-mail? Just wanted to verify!

    • Sam- I could’ve sworn we wrote you back! I’ll do that today!

      And Colbey, Kimbrel is yours. I’ll send an email your way too! What arcade game? If it’s a Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table, I’m coming over.

  • I was in the middle of trying (key word trying) to lug my arcade machine up the stairs to my new “man cave” when I got the Tweet of the break…otherwise I would’ve been there with bells on!

    Is that Finest Freshmen Kimbrel card available? If so what do you guys want for it?

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