2016 Cubs – The Fifth 10 Games

We’re at the point in this series where I legitimately can’t tell you anything about what happened during the games.  Yup.  Before it was just a specific decision made so I didn’t simply rehash game recaps.  Now, there’s no way I would go back and research specific days.  That sounds like work.

Kick some acetate

I think everyone knows how much I hate work.

He could make you swing and miss at this pitch

I hate work just about as much as Kerry Wood hates smiling in baseball card pictures

Fleer Crowd Out of Focus

Look, I can’t even be bothered to write anything other than how much I hate work.

Inadvertent logo highlight

This isn’t about cards at all.  I’m not even talking about Kerry Wood or the Cubs at all and the post is almost over.

Former All-Star

So…how about those Cubs?  They’ve been winning a lot, right?  That’s a good thing.

One of my least favorite designs

Oh, look at that. We’re out of time.  Thanks to our sponsors.  Join us next post for more in depth analysis and incredible humor.

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