2017 Cubs – The Third 10 Games

Another 10 games have passed, and the NL Central is a lot more up for grabs that most people would have assumed.  Or at least not in the ways we’re currently seeing.  I personally thought the Cardinals and Pirates would be threatening.  Instead, we have to worry about Brewers and Reds, too.  The biggest problem the Cubs seem to have is pitching.  The bats haven’t been as potent as usual, but they’re almost always in an early hole.  A stark contrast from the dominance of 2016.

As a result, we only managed 4 wins.  That’s good as a time saver for this game log posts, but bad for the team rooting thing.  You get it. We’ve all been there.

I found I have more strikeout Cubs cards than Wins Cubs cards

Strikeout #29
May 11, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros

The second strike out of the game ended the first inning by getting Eric Anthony looking, leaving Biggio stranded at second after his walk and steal.

May not make much sense when talking about wins

Strikeout #123
August 1, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at New York Mets

Maddux came off of a tougher 5th inning where he gave up 2 runs on 4 hits.  It was a tiny bit of a battle, but Howard Johnson finally went down swinging to start the 6th.

It’s also hard to write captions

Strikeout #157
August 31, 1992 – Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs

If it weren’t for the 6 strikeouts, this being the last, Maddux might have thrown a Maddux.  He walked away with 107 scoreless pitches over nine.  Henry Rodriguez took up 5 of those last batch of pitches in his swinging strike.

I’ll be extremely happy when I complete this set

Strikeout #169
September 11, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

The sixth of nine Ks on the night came in the 6th inning with the Cubs cruising on a 6-run lead.  Geronimo Pena tried but ended up swinging and missing like so many before.

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