Digital De-Cluttering – Frank Thomas Edition

Throughout my years of collecting and blogging (over 7 years now….), I’ve either obtained a small amount of cards from one source, or I’ve posted most cards from a package but not all.  That leaves a bunch of “master files” taking up space in my scan folders, waiting for inspiration to strike or a theme to tie them together.

I know this means nothing to you, but this post (and the others to follow) help ease my mind by cleaning out those folders a little bit and making me feel like I’m making progress in showing everything in my collection.  For the Big Hurt, I still have 87 multi-card scans left after this.  That’s less than Maddux, but still far too many.  I need to post more, but I also have too many hobbies and not enough time.


The scan kind of looks like a refractor, but it’s not

These first couple are hold overs from trades that were completed back in the days where I didn’t post every single card.  There may be people out there that miss those days.  I’m not sure what would have really made the cut over an older Heritage card, but some did.


Looks airbrushed, but I’m terrible at spotting that stuff

I think this is another from that same trade.  I can tell the super old scans from the diagonal lines.  On the topic of the card, 2006 Bowman is one of the better ones in my mind.  Mostly because I can tell it apart from the others.


Missing the gold version

2009 was the year I got back into the collecting game.  These were some of the first inserts I saw and they still look pretty good.  I don’t fully know if I pulled this in a pack, but there’s a strong chance I did.


Printing quality is terrible on these

This is not from 1995.  It’s one of the reprints from 2011.  It’s also not the original back version. If it were, I would be showing that back.  Probably should anyway, since the front looks horrendous.


I still don’t get the appeal of minis

Here’s another random one that most likely came from a pack at some point in my life.  I tend to have better luck with Frank Thomas cards than some of the others.


I forgot that Manny played for the White Sox.

We’ll finish this off with a few more 2011 Topps cards from back in the case breaking days.  I have tons of leftovers and I snagged these for the binders.


Did not forget about Dunn

And a second of these.  Complete with the same poor printing quality we saw with the reprint up above.  Did we get a bad batch, or did the printing company get things wrong?


I think the shine “sun bleached” it

This third one makes it look like the printer’s fault.  These sparkle cards in general have aged better than expected.  I like the silver ones better than the “cognac” but less than the Hope versions.  I don’t have the hope version of this Thomas card, but I do have one of his A’s picture.  But I’ve shown that already at some point.  Why show it again?  There are so many more to post…another time.

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