2017 NSCC #3 – Hitting the Dimebox Hard – Lester, Lackey, and Soler Edition

Alright, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about the National, which isn’t good because I have a lot to cover still.  The first two parts of the dimebox focused on what I’ve been calling the “legacy” collections.  These next two are about the champs.  Looking back, I’m actually surprised I didn’t find more cards for them.  Maybe it was picked clean before I arrived, although it was basically the first place I stopped (I arrived on the second day).  More likely they thought they could get more than a dime for most of them, and I imagine that would be correct thinking.  Regardless, there were some scraps for me to pick up, starting with…

Looks like Papelbon in this picture

John Lackey’s first Donruss card.  He had some stuff in 2001 from Topps, but this is one of a handful of 2002 cards released.  From my checklist, only 9 cards of Lackey were released in 2002 (3 are minor league), so already more than 10% done!

That’s the Lackey head I know

Skipping forward a few years to 2008 is this super shiny insert.  This isn’t like “Crash the Game” but rather more of a league leader type of insert. Lackey was 2nd in ERA in 2007 with 3.01.

Veteran in Bowman = dime

I’m all for Bowman runoffs.  So many people buy in bulk and then completely ignore anything that’s not a superfractor or hot shot rookie.  It’s no surprise this was in there.

If 5 wins is the Peak….

This is sort of like the Own the Game but with less flash and a better overall design.  Sure, the triggering events aren’t anything great, but Topps wanted a big insert set to stretch across all 3 series and this is what we got.

I dare you to try to use that code

Now we move to another Red Sox pitcher.  Topps Attax are tough to identify for some players, because there was a retail product called Attax and then inserts like this in the flagship product, across multiple series.  So if someone has S2 and Update Attax cards, it’s hard to tell that apart from any normal Attax code card.  This is the 2010 S2 version…I think.

Nearly my birthday, 2007

This is easier.  2008 Upper Deck Heroes.  Boom. Logged.

Not sure what date, but before my birthday for sure

I welcome any Documentary cards.  I opened a case of the stuff, and have tons and tons to trade still, but that doesn’t mean I’m not missing some cards.

I realized I forgot to do the Lackey card record on my introduction post, so I added that in now (starting 10-3 with 20 cards total and only 19 representing games).  Lester has 12 cards in the set.
Lester Red Sox card record:  1-0

I love the look of the parallels for this year

Just like with the paper gold, veteran refractors are garbage in the eyes of people that open Bowman.

There is no non-refractor version

Jorge Soler was an expected find.  Again, only the top rookies and lowest numbers are worth people’s time and since Soler is with the Royals, most Cubs collectors no longer care.  I do, so I’ll take this purposeless mini.

That doesn’t look like Wrigley

Expect to see a couple more of these 100 Years at Wrigley cards in the last dimebox post.  I think Topps should have increased the odds on this since the overall appeal to collectors is region based.

Bound to happen sometime

In fact, here’s another one right here of Jon Lester with a bat in his hand.  Of course this is celebrating Lester’s first career base hit, snapping an 0-67 start to his batting career.

There may not have been any traditional “hits” in these boxes, but they’re all a hit with me.  Lame I know. I’ll try to do better next time.

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