A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 3

Back in late September, I posted the first part of a significant trade I made with Bill, then in April I got back on track and showed off part 2.  As a quick refresher, he responded to some of my Gypsy Queen trade bait posts and we worked out a nice, large exchange – mostly for my budding 2016 WS champ players.  Far too many cards for one, or even a few posts.  So, this is part 3 of many.  As mentioned before, he doesn’t have a blog of his own, but he’s known as minibbcards on the Trading Card Database and his want lists are fantastic (and found here).

In this installment, we’ll be looking at the Topps Heritage portion of the haul.

Looks a little tired

I don’t have any personal connection to the vintage sets featured in Heritage, but I do truly enjoy the purple shade used by the Rockies.  I wish the Marlins still used the teal and silver.

Also looks a little tired

Seeing this Braves card, it makes me wonder what color scheme Topps would have actually used for the Rockies, since lime green certainly doesn’t match the uniform.

Don’t look so happy in that hat!

As someone who doesn’t collect vintage, I have to say that sometimes the appeal of Heritage is lost on me.  Not all of these designs look great with new players tacked on top.

That’s a content smile of a man who knows he’ll get a ring

Although when they try to match the photo quality to the time period, it certainly helps.

That’s a weird looking Q-Tip

You’re going to see several repeating years here.  As mentioned before, Bill knocked off a nice portion of my base card needs (although I have a long way to go!)

I don’t expect Rizzo to be in the top 3 again

It’s fun to look back at these leader cards sometimes, because players will have these really good, unexpected years that seem even more out of place as time goes on.

Only need about 100 cards total right now

It’s great to show off relief pitcher cards.  I typically expect no one to look that deeply into my want lists, as it’s not too hard to find stuff from the “bigger” guys, so all of these are very much appreciated.

Dodger sandwich

Hey look, another leader card.  Over time, I imagine this is one of the most variable categories in the sport.

Increasing his value in CF

I think this Almora RC is from the high number set, which is still a thing Topps does, but I haven’t bought into since 2009 or 2010.  At some point they were releasing them as sets with a random auto, I think.  Not sure if this was part of that configuration.

Hopefully returning to form after injury

Just a couple more cards, all from 2016 Heritage.  Seeing them all together really showcases how often this posed background was used.

Delay of game

Montero is one of the exceptions with this “action” pose.

Another posed shot

I’m not great at identifying short prints, but sometimes my want list is.  Baez is in short supply, and also from the high number set, so I guess it’s not the full set in one box after all.

He knows something

Lastly for the night is another posed shot.  Oddly Jason Hammel also had autographs in this year’s Heritage.  What a strange choice.  I’ll have to chase that later.  For now, I’m quite happy to thank Bill for this great batch of Heritage cards.  I’ll be thanking him a few more times in future posts, so stay tuned.  Next time, we’ll be looking at a couple more sets, including Stadium Club!

2 comments to A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 3

  • Minibbcards

    Thanks for the shout out and link to my want list on TCDB. I need to look at your want list and trade bait again for another round. Bill

    • Jon

      Thank you, Bill. My want list is still a little bit of a work in progress, but hopefully we can trade again. I hear all the cool kids are using TCDB these days.

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