Trading For Former Cubs

I’m not great at thinking of titles, and I foolishly didn’t think of a good title to throw a “Part 1” after, like I’ve tried to do with others recently.  So, now I’m sitting here brainstorming new titles for each set of cards from Kerry/Madding at Cards on Cards.  To make matters worse, I didn’t really organize my cards from him well enough, as outlined on my previous post of stuff from him.

All I know is that I have a bunch of stuff from him still not featured on the blog, and he’s already threatening to send me more!

I do need a lot of cards, but I have to catch up on trades here.  I especially need cards of formerly current, bench/reliever type players, and Kerry helped with that.  These are guys that probably were still current Cubs at the time of the deal, but are no longer with the team.  They still count for me!

Local law ad in the background

For a short time, this was worth a little bit more than the bare minimum, but I’ve already talked about Coghlan and his place in the hobby before.

Precursor to 2018 Big League

That white rookie cup logo is off-putting.  I’m sure it’s supposed to be silver, but regardless, it looks like a sticker, and not a trophy, and un-integrated.

Add foil to the trophy instead

The Opening Day version didn’t help the rookie cup.  Also proves my earlier point that OD got too boring.  It needs a border change or something.

Piedmont back

Receiving minis in trades are always appreciated, because I understand how deceptively rare they can be (in terms of getting a specific player or variation), and I rarely actively seek them out myself.

Pre-Miami Marlins – bring these colors back

I like the paper Bowman parallel tints.  This gold isn’t as shiny as what we see normally, but that slightly muted look works here.

Why are we yelling!?

2011 Topps is growing on me as a design.  I never hated it, but when surrounded by 2010 and ’12 and ’13, it’s easy to appreciate it more.

Only with the Reds for two years

Here’s another quick look at 2011 Topps thanks to sometimes starter Travis Wood.

Will Attax come back one day?

I don’t remember what rarity this diamond color is on the lower right, but I do know that it indicates rarity.  Doesn’t matter now, it’s mine.

A lot of fly ball pictures

The subtle color border is okay, but 2011 still looks a lot better.

Five years with Chicago

Lastly for today is another Travis Wood card.  It looks like he may be out of baseball now after being released by the Tigers without playing a game for them.  I didn’t notice that.

So, that means here’s two more guys that are out of the game that I am still happily collecting.  Thanks a lot to Kerry for sending these over!  I’ll have another awkwardly titled post coming up soon.

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