2017 NSCC #8 – Three Of A Kind

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched any poker on TV.  I used to watch semi-regularly in college when it was becoming a bigger thing and they had those celebrity poker tournaments on Bravo and whatnot.  Then I moved on as the phase ended and went into baseball watching with that free time.

A couple months ago, for whatever reason I found the World Series of Poker on my screen and I got temporarily sucked in.  Nothing against the people that do regularly enjoy that, but I’m not making it a habit.

But, it did get me thinking about the other kind of cards and how poker hands might be formed.  There are probably a few different possibilities, but the easiest ones are the pairs and three/four of a kinds.  Even with that, there are two paths.  One is that you could do straight duplicates, but that’s not that fun.  The other is to shuffle those parallels and deal them out.

Put on that card game face and let’s go to the river or whatever.

I have no idea what to say in the captions

Your basic refractor would represent your least favorite card suit.  Technically worth the same but still lesser than.

There goes the background

Checkerboards are for a different table top game.

These work better than they should

I thought of this idea before the new ROYGBIV thing, so I’m losing out on one of my Oranges to make my triple.

Ugh, Brewers

We’re going to follow the same pattern for this set of three.


The X fractor is less pronounced in the 2013 set, which is a shame because I can still see both Brewers.

Triple threat

Yeah, I did it again and burned an orange.  All for the greater good, I suppose, and as long as the cards get shown, that’s all that matters.

Making that catch

The rule of threes and the goal of 9 scans or less per post says we need another set.  Let’s start it off with a wall jump

Third orange

The Cubs are going to miss his defense and improving bat while he’s out injured this last month.  Hopefully we make the playoffs and he can contribute again there.

Need some more sparkle colors like this

This isn’t a Chrome card, but I’m still counting it, because I found it at the national (just like every other card in the post, of course) and it has the same picture.  These red foils are great.

Purples may be my favorite

Boom!  Surprise!  A sneak attack 4 of a kind!  Good luck beating that hand!

Okay, now I have to figure out how a royal flush would work.  Help me out if you have ideas.

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