Trading To Fill In Some Junk Wax Gaps – Part 1

While I didn’t get a massive response to my trade bait posts (I do want to try again soon), I did come out of it with some success.  I was also lucky enough to meet a couple new trade partners.

Of of those was John, known on the Trading Card Database as herkojerko (here’s his profile, should you be so inclined).  He wanted some Phillies from my Hometown Heroes stash, and I was happy to oblige.  In return, he sent me a nice assortment of goodies.  Many of them were from the so called junk wax era, which is not a problem at all.  I still need a lot of that stuff.  Often times, it’s so prevalent that people may forget to even check those years.  I know I’ve fallen into that trap.

Thankfully, John didn’t and so I have a few gaps filled.  Today, we’re looking only at Tony Gwynn, but we’ll get to some other players in future posts.

Waiting outside the dressing room

This guy certainly isn’t junk.  I don’t recall ever seeing a Woolworth’s card before.  We didn’t have any of those stores in our area growing up, and although some things from other regions made their way to the Rockford area, I don’t remember this. Gotta love the oddballs.

Fraction of a silver camera lens

This guy is hardly junk either.  They’re plentiful, but the prestige of the set and the key rookies make a pack or a box worth more than your standard fare from 1990.

Recycled design

Grab your partners, do si do.

No, man. We’re Tony Gwynn.  We don’t need to bunt.

Another premium release from that period.  It’s no surprise I didn’t have this one.  Loved that Flair packaging.


I didn’t get a ton of 1993 Pinnacle, either.  1992, yes. Tons. 1993, my focus was shifting to basketball more and more.

Then had better uniforms

This is another card that I simply don’t remember at all.  I loved subsets, and Pinnacle had some good ones.  I was just thinking about running through a decade of cards of a player to show the aging progression, but don’t know if it would work.  This gives me a little hope.

Speaking of uniforms

Now, you may be wondering about that jersey.  This may not be as iconic as the #12 jersey on the Sam Bowie card that Michael Jordan wore, but this is still pretty cool.  It seems, according to the back, Gwynn decided to wear Scott Sanders’ jersey during a spring training game for whatever reason.  More guys should do that.

Probably only a single

I loved Triple Play.  Heck, I think I just loved anything with the black border.  I always wanted the silver names to be a scratch-off game or something.

That’s a triple smile

I was less familiar with the 1994 set, but even though it got away from the black, it’s still a good look.  This set had some nice inserts as well, if I remember.  But this card is the only one I needed for Tony Gwynn, and thanks to John he filled that hole in my binder!

There are still more empty spots to fill up and more cards from John that helped me do just that.  I’ll be back to showcase more soon, but if you ever get a message or email from him, be sure to work out a deal.  Thanks a lot!

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