July 2018 Ebay Wins – Part 1 of 2

June was very light since I was hardly in the country.  July, I kind of spoiled myself a bit.  After that rough month where all kinds of things were going wrong, I did a little retail auction therapy.  It also helped that I had a bit of extra money since I had no extra expenses while I was away.  Food was paid for by the company. I wasn’t buying anything else since I stayed at the office or the hotel the entire time, so I compensated by getting 24 cards over the course of the month.

That also means I’m expanding from my usual 9 or less policy to 12 for these two parts.  I also figured I might as well start big with…

Still need 8 more 2017 Bunt Bryant cards

My Bunt quest continues and even though I had a little extra cash at my disposal, I still managed to get this for under $5 delivered.  No one wants these except for me. The injury may have helped.

My first one of these so far

These green backs are supposedly limited to 50 copies as well, but they don’t have the numbering to prove it.  The front is your run of the mill front but the back has a nice tint on it.

May the Schwarbs be with you

I’m usually able to pick up a couple of the insert parallels with each new release.  The Stadium Club ones especially are not very visually different from each other, so they’re easier to pick off.

No mistaking this parallel

I’m having a harder time getting the pinks and blues from 2018 than I did in 2017.  I’m encountering more high starting bids or high BINs rather than the .99 cent auctions I rely on.  Edwards finally got in range.

Geode back

How about some more pink?  I still try to call this Bowman Inception, but it’s not.  I also find I have a tough time keeping track of which cards I have from this set.

Different geode

One more pink and it’s Arrieta.  Due to his frequent team switching, there’s less competition for his stuff.

Same spectrum, lower number

That allows me to get cards like this orange version as well in the same month.  These aren’t all that nice looking compared to the pink

Don’t see a lot of /75 cards

I swear this is the Red version.  You can see why it can be tough to keep track of what I have.  It all blurs together.

The rare low numbered Maddux sighting

This is the fifth card with a print run at my limit of /50.  I love adding these because it makes me feel like the rest of the product is smooth sailing downhill.  Not really true, but it is like a weight off the shoulder.

Admiring his own belly

Keeping it red, and keeping it 50.  These Gold Label cards may be too confusing for a lot of people and that’s why I can get them.  Seen one red, seen them all, but not realizing the classes are different numbers.

That’s a sharp looking parallel

And again with the red and the 50.  This was a bit of a surprise.  Museum Collection looks nice this year.  We’ll see more of it in part two.

I choose the latter!

You start big, you end big.  Or at least I did this time.  This cost more than $5.  Those that know me, know that this is an un-ripped copy of last year’s stuff.  It will stay that way for as long as I will keep it.

This was a nicely timed present for myself.  But the fun doesn’t end there.  We’ll see another dozen fun cards soon!

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