A Quick Trade With Reader Tim

I’m feeling a little writer’s block here, so I’m going to make this short.  I’ve been making some progress on my sticker albums recently.  I’m not sure what’s spurred this interest, but I’m happy to oblige.  I try to spam my want lists as much as it’s relevant to do so. Maybe it’s having more of an effect as I assumed.

One of the people that reached out for a trade was Reader Tim.  He also claimed a stack from my first wave of this year’s trade bait.  So, after some emails exchanged, things were sent along to each other.  Ugh, that is terrible.  See, I told you I had writer’s block. Let’s just look at pictures.

Future All-star scream

Man, I wish Opening Day would just get turned into something else now.  I keep harping on it, but it’s just not different enough anymore.

Get that guy out of the background

The logo and lack of foil isn’t enough. We need a variation of the design or give us a new design and new pictures altogether.

Las Vegas’ own

The only saving grace are the inserts.  This one isn’t great, but most of them are alright.

That Bryant went into the album

But here’s the meat of the trade package.  A few different years of stickers, because I still haven’t finished an album since 2012!  It was great to go back to those older albums and put those new additions in there.  Thanks, Tim!

By the way, if you too want to ride on the sticker trade train, my Sticker Want List and For Trade List can be found right here.

2 comments to A Quick Trade With Reader Tim

  • Tim

    Sorry that I have not sent anything for your most recent trade bait. I will soon; been crazy around here. Hope you still have the trade bait set aside for me.

    • Jon

      Hey Tim,
      Sorry my trade post wasn’t more creative. Hopefully on the next one. Yes, all those cards are still set aside for you when you’re ready. Thanks!

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