Stick and Trade, Stick and Trade Again

I love trading for stickers.  These are some of the easiest transactions I ever make.  Back in the heyday of the blog, I would have random parents reaching out to me to help complete their kids’ albums.  That hasn’t happened in a while, but as long as progress is being made overall, I’m happy.

Trades come in waves and in quick succession, I had two people come forward and claim some of my many doubles off of my trade & want lists (still need help with 2013-2018 albums if you have any you want to trade).  I don’t like to combine trades from multiple people, but I’m afraid I’m going to make an exception in this case.  These guys have been waiting since October, and I’m inching closer to being caught up with trades.

Anyway, the first is from Reader Dan (if you do have a blog, I deeply apologize for my ignorance).

Nice haul from Dan

I got a wonderful stack of stuff from Dan that went into the album as soon as I could make that happen.  The Rizzo and Lester are separate because they’re going with my player collections instead.

The next trade that came in shortly after is Kyle at Nolan’s Dugout.  He’s a regularly seen name on the blog and I know we’re very likely going to trade again soon.  I personally chose to keep it stickers only this time so I could get myself organized.

Gotta get ready for 2019

That didn’t stop Kyle from sending this fun assortment of stickers from the past three years of albums.  And, once again, those top 4 are for my player binders instead.

Thank you both for the quick and easy trades.  Hopefully as the 2019 sticker rolls around, we can do it again!

2 comments to Stick and Trade, Stick and Trade Again

  • Hello Friend,

    I have a project/blog where I publish scanned sports collections from around the world, you can see here ->
    I am always looking for friends/collaborators who are willing to do collections scans (all pages completed).

    I happened to see your website and i noticed you are a baseball collector,
    I wanted to ask if you have any of these sticker albums, and if it is possible to scan all pages and send me?
    or if you know someone who has availability to do albums scans, let me know.

    – Topps Baseball Sticker Album 1980-1981 to 1988-1989 (9 Albums)
    – Panini Baseball Sticker Album 1987-1988 to 1995-1996 (9 Albums)
    – Topps MLB Sticker Collection 2010-2011 to 2017-2018 (8 Albums)

    Desired quality of scans is 300 dpi JPG.
    All the collections I publish on the blog, I always give the credits to those who originally do the complete scans of the collections.

    Best Regards,

  • […] going to showcase a trade with Dan.  We’ve exchanged Topps stickers once before as we saw back in January. And, I have a feeling that we’ll be trading again sometime after I can finally get a 2019 […]

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