The Happiest Guy On Cardboard

Ha ha!  Happy April Fool’s Day!  You Fool!


This guy isn’t happy!  He never smiles on his cards.

Hmm? Were you trying to tell a joke?

You fell for it!  He won’t even smile when he’s on an All-Star team!

Die cut version

That’s not how you wear your baseball hat!  April Fools!

Better than my yearbook

Uh oh! He’s tipping his pitches, right?  Nope!  Fooled again!

I can see my house from here

You thought those would be the only two Studio cards?  So gullible!  Here’s a silver parallel.

No I can’t!  Got you again

This is the same card again!  Haha. Got you again!  This one’s gold!  Can’t you tell?  Pay attention!

The only thing evolving is the definition if a moving card

He smiles if you move the card a certain way.  Psych!  No he doesn’t. The lenticular is meaningless

Shiny parallels don’t make him happy

Ugh, this is exhausting.  In all honesty, this face is my reaction to just about every April Fool’s joke out there.  It’s tired and annoying and amazing how much effort some people and companies put into that fleeting moment.

Looks like he has fur

By the way, the whole post was a lie (except that last part).  See?  He really does smile on his cards.  The happiest man on cardboard.

153 left to show before taking Sportlots delivery.

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