Can’t Spell “Really Big Card Trade” Without GCRL – Part 4

You all know the deal by now.  I try to figure out a way to introduce the same blogger and trade package after doing so a few times before. I post some links and then get into showing the cards.

So, allow me to welcome back cards from Jim, who was originally known for his blog GCRL (hence the title) and creator of several side blogs. He is now writing for cards as i see them.  As you know already, I completed a nice big trade with him late last year and you can catch the first part of the trade here, if you’d like. Second part here. Third part here.

I’ll only have to go through this routine for Jim’s trade one more time after this and there will be a rough theme to that one, I think. Today is more random stuff that I couldn’t group together in a satisfying way.  Adding them to my collection is still satisfying at least.

Odds of seeing a UD Cubs Lester card are low

The last good Upper Deck baseball set.  I don’t miss them nearly as much as other people might. I’m also one of those weirdos that doesn’t mind unlicensed cards all that much.

Yes it did snow in May in Chicago this year

I’m a stupid sucker for simple parallels sometimes. I haven’t bought any of these holiday mega boxes with the snowflake cards, but I have been stockpiling them through sportlots and also occasional trades like this. The sparkly metallic ones are my bigger needs these days.

Lost in thought

Previewing the circles of the 2019 Topps design, I see.  I like the circle foil effect.

I hope that’s a catch

I hear Big League is starting to pop up.  Another master set to try to collect! I don’t know what kind of parallels are wedged into it yet this year, but I’m a long ways away from getting all the golds and blues from 2018.  I do quite enjoy this card celebrating the rare diving catch from Schwarber.

Chasing the Power Zone

I’ve been fortunate in my Stadium Club trades.  These red foil cards aren’t super tough, but they aren’t super easy either. I wish it scanned better, because it is a great color for foil.


Following red with more red. Fire parallels are tougher to distinguish, but I think I have a good handle on them now.  This is the “Flame” version, which may be one of the more common parallels, but that doesn’t mean they’re everywhere like the snowflake things.


More Fire. Or Electricity? I was also lucky enough to be the recipient of this purple Fowler numbered out of 99!

There are so many Cardinals collectors out there, and I’m not even one of them, so to get this and all those Cubs goodies, was so nice to see and experience.  This Fowler may be the lowest numbered card of the bunch, but it’s not the last.  We’ll be revisiting Jim’s cards again shortly to finish off this great, generous, gigantic trade! Thanks again!

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