Almost There

I’m almost caught up with all my trade packages.  I know, I know.  I’m as surprised as you are.  Of course with my semi-weekly trade bait posts going strong, I expect to be very far behind again very soon.  Still, by my count I have about five people more to thank and then I’ll really be stretching for content.

Can you tell I had trouble thinking of a creative, catchy opening?  Yup.  I got nothing today.  I feel like a first grader given his first writing assignment.  I made a trade with Cardboard Junkie.  The trade was good.  I got a lot of fun cards.

Love the angle on this

Good cards like this one which shows the happiest pop-up in history.

An insert that looks like a subset at best

And this second happiest pop-up in history.

I forget that Albert Belle played on the White Sox sometimes

And more evidence that Ultra had some of the best inserts in the game.

And people complain about the borders on some Topps flagship sets

And some weird smushed picture design of a set that wore out its welcome.

And people complain about the borders on SPx cards

And this non-Magic: The Gathering and non-pokemon collectible card game card.

Watch your hands on that name bat. The ball's coming right for them.

And this Donruss Heritage-y card.  One of several variations in the same set.

Oh look, another stay hair.

And this Opening Day card that proves that this als0-ran is usually better than the “real” thing.

muchos cuadrados

Y eso Donruss Estrellas, tambien.

Looks more like a hockey jersey

And this knockoff old style card featuring an old style uniform

"sometimes compromise" is the message I'm getting

And this odd insert that looks a little like a Twister instruction manual.

One of three

And this obvious choice for Topps Rookie Cup, what with him being ROY and all.

Two of three

And this subset that no longer exists in the main Topps set

Three of three

And this other subset that pretty much covered the same ground as the other one.

Disco Studio does advertise

And this happy little camper.

Not very premium in my eyes

And this design which might have worked in the early 90s but doesn’t in the early 2000s.

This way to Stadium Way

And this card from a multi-sport which never sell all that well.

Hey Donruss, you forgot a side

And this surprisingly only Kerry Wood card in a very bland, empty space heavy set

A second loose hair

And this gray card that is gray and also a different shade of gray.

Not pictured: The Devil on the other shoulder. Or is it the angel? dun-dun-duuuuun.

And this card showing Kerry Wood sitting on the shoulder of a close-up version of himself.

Still hate this design

And this parallel that is less gold and more die cut medallion

Bought a box, still didn't have it

And this last card, of which we will see a variation in a future trade post.

Thanks a lot to the legendary dayf for the trade.  This was all part of the small drive to get me past some of those collecting milestones I mentioned a few posts back.  He put me over the edge on a couple marks and it’s much appreciated.

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