Video Games vs. Card Collecting – Side Quests

I’m going to try something a little different on the blog.  Lately, most of my free time has been spent watching a bunch of movies (I’ve even been writing the occasional review again after 2 years of not doing that – here’s that blog) and shows and playing video games.  Basically, I find myself enjoying my various hobbies in waves, and cards are in an ebb at the moment.

The more time I spend with other hobbies, I notice the similarities between them.  So, every once in a while, I’ll be comparing them on here.

Today, let’s talk about side quests.  I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect lately.  For those that don’t know, it’s an action-RPG set in space where you explore various planets and work with different alien races to prevent universal destruction.  Like with other Role Playing Games, you have your main objectives and you also come across random people in your journey that give you optional tasks that result in experience or extra useful items.

3 Grants on one scan

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be something of a completionist with my video games.  If there’s an open world to explore, I’m going to explore as much as possible.  If there are random side quests and extra objectives to achieve, I will do everything within my skill set to make that happen.

Topps inserts are tough this year

Well, I think that several of us card collectors also have our own side quests.  Some want to get a card of every Hall of Famer, or every All-Star, or they want cards of plays at the plate, or pitchers batting.  Whatever the reason, it’s a secondary collection.  You have your team or player collections, then you have your side quest.

Some crazy foil and ugly rookie cards

These cards are my side quest.  I’ve mentioned several times about how most of my earlier collecting days were dominated by basketball cards.  At that time, I started a quest to collect virtually all 1995-96 insert cards.  This was one of the first years were most products were putting an insert card in every pack.

Big time foil and sweet Beam Teams!

It’s been a long journey and a side quest I ignored for far too long.  I picked all of these up from COMC and I still need to do some more universe exploring before I get my big experience point boost, but the most important thing is I’m back on the quest.  If any of you crazy characters from other worlds care to help me, you can find my want list over here.

2 comments to Video Games vs. Card Collecting – Side Quests

  • Nice quest. I eventually want to get every single NBA card issued in 1995-96. It was the year I discovered the sport and has always been a favorite of mine, for sentimental reasons if nothing else. I don’t know if I will ever do it (those one-per-box Electric Court Gold parallels from Upper Deck are going to be killer- 3 down, 357 to go!) but I am enjoying trying.

    • Jon

      Oh wow! That’s a great quest. I can definitely help you with that. It doesn’t look like you have 1995-96 on your want lists yet, but if you have something please send it over. I’ll try to find time to put a dent on the basketball stuff that is listed, too!

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