December 2017 Ebay Wins Part 1

November may have been a lighter month, but December made up for it.  As you can tell from the title, I’ll need a second part to get through it all.  It’s interesting to look back and see how this all shakes out.  I can try to speculate as to why I find more on certain months over others, but you’re not here for fake market analysis.  You’re here to look at baseball cards.  I can provide that service, free of charge.

The logo was not made negative, just B&W

This card should be free for being a bigger assault to the eyes than 1991 Fleer.  I hate these negative pictures.  They’re creepy, plain and simple.

Back to normal

This is better.  I’ll take a standard black parallel any day of the week.  I do miss the shimmer of the black borders from years past, but this isn’t bad.

I don’t see a label in gold

I normally don’t bid on cards with this high of a print run, so I can only assume this was part of some batch deal with combined shipping that I don’t fully remember already.

“When should I talk about the pitching staff…?”

These heritage blues are fun to pick off.  I like the look of them, although I imagine some might consider them sacrilegious.  They are also unnumbered, but have a print run of 50, so I don’t know how many are actively trying to get them.

Weird that Fowler is not in the regular Donruss set

In scans, it’s actually a little tough to tell this “Carolina Blue” apart from the regular holo version.  In hand, it’s clear.

Several Kings on this team

Again, here’s another higher numbered parallel, so I think it was from the Baez lot.  Speaking of lot.  That is A LOT of blue.

Shitter’s full

Just in time for the holidays was this “Ugly Sweater” green parallel #/99.  I’m not sure how the holiday Bowman packs were distributed, but evidently the parallels weren’t too popular, or no one thought to search for them.

I’ve seen very little 2017 Tek so far

Speaking of greens no one cares about, I won this for the minimum and have seen a couple others show up in my saved searches repeatedly.  Am I the only one that still likes Tek?

Dude went on a tear recently

We’re going to end this round with another #/99, but moving over to purple.  These Topps Fire parallels are tough to spot out of the pack if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  I’m slowly learning.  Colors like this make it easier.  Oh, and the auction titles, of course.

If you thought this stuff was good, just wait for the next part.  I picked up a few more good presents for myself, including a heavy hitter.

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