Are We Having Fun Yet? I Am!

Today’s trade post comes courtesy of Nolan’s Dugout.  I made this trade with him over a year ago (as is going to be the case for most of the trades you’ll see), so I don’t really remember everything we’re going to see today.  Kyle doesn’t blog very much, which is a shame because his posts are interesting and well-written, but he is a pretty active trader.  As far as I know, this is my first exchange with him, but hopefully not the last.

It would be cool if the scrolling years aligned with their time in the majors.

This is another pre-existing blog post draft that’s sat for months. As a reminder, I’m not collecting Castro anymore, and I’m too poor to consider a run at a Banks collection.  This is a free agent now.

What do you want on your baseball card?

The hobby is cyclical, isn’t it?  In 2016, Wal-Mart started offering cards with their frozen pizzas. It almost makes me want to go to Wal-Mart.  Almost.  Any other food issue card and I’d pounce, but I’m not a fan of that company and I’m trying to lose weight, so it’s a terrible match.

So many cards to get

Win #186
April 20, 1998 – Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies

The second win of the season came in his 5th start.  Maddux gave up a home run and 4 runs total over 8 runs, but the Braves still won 7-5 as Darryl Kile gave up 12 hits, 2 home runs, and 6 runs.

100 points?  I’m rich!

How about this for a fun little addition to the trade package?  I don’t know how this set is configured, but I’m guessing these are actually a little tough to come by at this level.

I’m less rich.

Here’s the more common “10” version.  I like the background color more since it stands out nicely.  The orange parallel is a bit too muted.

Smooth Criminal

Can I get someone to photoshop out Kerry’s back leg?  I want to imagine him pitching while doing a Michael Jackson impression.  Instead of Moonwalker, it could be Moonstrikeouter.  Okay, okay. The name needs work.

Pacific, what were you thinking?

Damn, man! Pitching so hard the logo pops off.  Run, baby bear, run.  You’re free.

Totally Ba-bodally

You know, seeing Topps Total so close to that Bazooka card makes me realize how similar they are.  Both equally boring.

Do not adjust your sets

I really enjoy the look of these Ultimate Victory cards.  I feel sorry for the teams without blue uniforms, because they can’t take advantage of this color scheme.

More like Fantastic Mustache

I didn’t noticed that there’s no logo on his hat?  Why?  Because this little disc thing is blindingly awesome.

Someone just said his name in the mirror three times

The fun doesn’t stop there, because it’s Sportsflics time.  Or is it Sportflics?  Too lazy to look it up and too mesmerized by the multiple pretty pictures to care.

That is not Lark Voorhies

Speaking of fun.  How about an actual Fun Pack fun card?  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a blast!

Sky school

And another one.  I love subsets like this. They’re really creative and interesting. Sure they’re busy, but with a purpose.  It’d be cool to see Opening Day have “tutorial” type inserts like this instead of the same mascots every year.

Man, now I want to eat some Denny’s

And will someone please, for the love of whatever mystical being, please bring back holograms?  Is there some stupid patent or licensing issue preventing us from having joy in our lives?

This is not Pee-Wee

We all agree that Topps Kids is really just Fun Pack’s less popular cousin, right?  Good.

That gold border looks nice

These were given out regionally if you bought some gas.  Since I work from home now, I’d have to make up excuses to use my car so I could fill up if this happened today.

Too many colors!

Yay! We’re back to the better designed child pandering.  Much better photograph, too.

Who wants to watch Rocko’s Modern Life?

And a checklist.  Sorry, not too much else to say about it.  When you see a design 3 or 4 times in one post, you start to run out of ideas.

Never cared for this design

Here’s another gas station exclusive.  This 1994 Fleer is a Sunoco card.  I miss the gold border.

We’re going to close this out with a few of these

Career Home Run #161
July 1, 1995 – White Sox at Royals

The Big Hurt earned his nickname, because in the top of the 5th, a 2-run shot increased the lead to 10-0.  Something tells me the Royals didn’t win this game.

I greatly appreciate receiving M&M cards in trades

Career Home Run #276
August 5, 1998 – White Sox at Devil Rays

With 2 outs in the top of the 1st, Frank Thomas put the Sox on the board with a solo shot against Julio Santana.  It would be his 19th home run of the year.

It’s a daunting task to try to collect all of these

Career Home Run #369
August 24, 2002 – White Sox vs. Devil Rays

The Sox were already up 4-2 in the seventh when Paul Wilson gave up a solo shot with 2 outs in the inning.

I mean, 500+ cards of one player?  Glad I don’t want the parallels, too

Career Home Run #404
August 11, 2003 – White Sox at Angels

His 28th homer of the year was a lost cause.  Down 10-4 in the 9th, Thomas hit a 2 run blast with no outs.  The Sox added two more, but fell 10-8.

Last one

Career Home Run #469
July 26, 2006 – Athletics vs. Red Sox

The score was deadlocked at zero in the 4th inning when a 2-0 pitch went over the fence.  The A’s would add another run before Frank hit another one the next inning.  But that’s a story for 470.

Thank you very much to Nolan’s Dugout for the amazing trade.  I have no idea what I sent your way at this point, but hopefully they proved useful.  I know these are very much appreciated.

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