Back From Vacation – Unpacking Some Clothes

The blog has been silent for a little while once again.  Part of the reason for the lack of activity was that I went on a little vacation.  I flew down to Atlanta to visit my brother and attend Dragon Con for the first time.  Then I came back home and relaxed for the rest of the week.  It was great to mostly break free since the busier season of work will be hitting soon and I doubt I’ll have a chance for real time off until after March.

I’m trying to think of a good idea to tie the con to cards, but I’m still in vacation mode and the brain hasn’t turned on yet.  For now I’ll try to settle in by unpacking my suitcase and putting some clothes away.


The people did not choose this design

Forgive the lame introduction.  I have a lot of jersey cards to post, and I probably could have filled this space with any player.  San Diego is supposedly the largest comic-based convention in the country, if not the world, but the one in Atlanta was quite huge and I think is the second largest?


You don’t want to know my impression of this

I didn’t dress up, except to wear some nerd appropriate t-shirts.


Run from the pants

But I will say that no matter how elaborate, sometimes you need to pack multiples of the same thing.


All have a print run of 1500 but are not numbered

Underwear. Socks. Or in this case little swatches of pants.  And can you believe that I “left one behind” in the sense that I still need one more jersey card from this set.


One of only a handful of Tribute cards

It never hurts to have a vintage flair in your outfit.  Although just like many “vintage” things, this is fake.  The jersey is likely newer and that picture is certainly not looking like a 1984 era picture to me.


Hitters Inc does not have a bat piece

Some of the clothing doesn’t make much sense.  For instance, you have that whole bottom third doing nothing, but the leg is cut off for random swatch placement.


I was not this cool as a kid

Overall, going to the convention was like a blast from the past.  I used to go to the one in Chicago every year for a while growing up.  Things have changed.


Still need two more relics from this set

I also had a blast.  So, consider this my postcard to you.  I wish you were there.

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