I Love Collecting

My “In Defense Of” post garnered quite a bit of attention for the site. Chris Olds and Susan Lulgjuraj from Beckett, VOTC – c0-host of Cardboard Connection Radio, a couple card blogs and various twitterers all picked up on the article and helped promote and discuss the issue.

When all was said and done we […]

Everything Old is New Again

Here are just a few examples from the past year.

Kemp is either trying to catch the ball in his glove, or, more likely, his mouth

3-D cards. 3-D is everywhere these days. It’s like the 1950s all over again. Movies are trying to compete with 80 inch HDTV home theater systems. Cards…well, […]

Car!…..Game On! Game On!

Oh yes, my fake-named internet friends. It is on.

If you haven’t been following the contest over at JD’s Wild Cardz, you were probably either A) out of town like we were or B) one of the 2 bloggers who didn’t get a team.

We lucked out and snagged a little country named Germany. Maybe […]