Olympic Pack Break and More Million Goodness

I’m covering two topics in this post today. The short one (Topps Million) will be first for those who want to cut and run early.

The “Goodness” mentioned in the title is a relative term. Let’s see what my 2006 Topps Heritage style Mickey Mantle code card gets me.

Let's all take knee, […]

Topps Million Madness Pt. 3

Before I start, can I just say that Germany is really pulling it’s weight in the Olympics for us. Current medal leader? I’ll take it! Of course all this trash talking is probably going to mean we won’t win a thing from JD’s contest.

Another day, another code to enter. I’d try to build the […]

Car!…..Game On! Game On!

Oh yes, my fake-named internet friends. It is on.

If you haven’t been following the contest over at JD’s Wild Cardz, you were probably either A) out of town like we were or B) one of the 2 bloggers who didn’t get a team.

We lucked out and snagged a little country named Germany. Maybe […]

Olympic Fever — Aaachooo!

It’s getting about that time. The winter Olympics are upon us. I’m personally more of a summer games man myself (or a California Games man if we’re talking NES). But no matter what season, I can’t help but love a good Olympic themed set.

I don’t have all that many examples to show (I try […]