The NCAA Basketball Season Has Started!

Why am I so excited about college basketball? A few reasons.

1) My Chicago Bulls aren’t likely to be too fun to watch until Derrick Rose returns from injury.

2) I think the college game is simultaneously infinitely more fun and infinitely more frustrating to watch due to the raw passion and hustle and lack […]

A Little Something to Strive For

What a difference a week makes.

A few days ago, I wrote about Southern Illinois University’s Hall of Fame players. In it, I mentioned that our most famous basketball player (and arguably most famous athlete) Walt Frazier was missing from my collection. I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think I have a couple Topps […]

Southern Illinois University Hall of Fame 2011 Class Announced

Our Alma Mater (is that correct when two people have graduated from a school?) recently announced the new additions to the Southern Illinois University Hall of Fame for 2011, and boy do I feel old already.

Darren Brooks, HOFer

Darren Brooks is the biggest name in this year’s class. He graduated just one […]

Upper Deck Sued Again! Enter the Dragon!

I don’t know how no one has really picked up on this so far. It appears I’ve even scooped Beckett on this one.

Our old friends at Upper Deck are finding themselves in more hot water. This time the stew is caused by Lew. Lew Alcindor, that is.

According to the TMZ exclusive (maybe this […]